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Florida Trips Guide - Miscellaneous - Page 1

Two Countries Separated By A Single Language

Something as simple as asking for “loo” in America is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, if you do get “caught short” you will need to ask for the “Restrooms” or the “Bathroom” - NEVER the toilets, that is considered far too vulgar. You walk on ...
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The magic of Christmas in Florida

Walt Disney World is not the only sensational sight at Christmas time. Once you have cleared the (still humourless) customs hall, you will come across the most enormous Christmas tree you have ever seen in the airport terminal. As you drive along thr...
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Florida - The Sunshine State.

Florida - The Sunshine State. The amount of entertainment in Florida, Orlando, is unbelievable. It ranges from the every-day places like restaurants and bars to the fun-full adventure parks such as Universal Studios. I...
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ESTA stands for the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation and is a requirement for travel to the USA for anyone travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme. From 9th July 2009 the ESTA replaced the green I94W form which previously, was ...
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An owners 'holiday':shopping and fun!

And so. . . . . the deep clean is done (check) all marks magic sponged /repainted (check) all maintenance issues have been addressed (check) any stray items returned to their correct home (check) Oh, Goody! Now time to have some fun. Viewed 5117 times.

Comic books

As we all know America is the home of the comic book, Marvel, DC, Superman, Batman etc, and the spin off movies become bigger and better with X men and the Avengers. Florida has its fair share of comic book fairs and conventions which attracts many v...
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Sanford Airport is M. C. O. s younger, plainer sister but is well known to all those Brits that take charter flights. The main carrier using this airport are Allegiant Air and they are a budget airline that travel from 30 other domestic c...
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What is so special about a holiday in Orlando?

Well where to begin. Here your children can meet Doctor Seuss, travel through space, take a ride with The Simpsons or come face to face with a dinosaur. Stare into the mouth of “Jaws”or join Captain Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean. Fly on Alladin’s mag...
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Only in Orlando - Part 2

Where else in the world can you round the corner of a busy main street (Disney World) and come across an enormous steam ship with the paddles you remember from old western movies with even a gruff and deep male voice shouting, “All aboard” followed b...
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Only in Orlando – Part 1

The thing I find most fascinating about Orlando in Florida is that you will see so many really unusual things there that you will never see anywhere else in the world. Where else could you see salads for two people served up in bowls the size...
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Whats new in cruise ships? Part 2

The cruise industry continues to boom, and with many new ships to join their fleets in the next four years it looks as if there will be even more choice than there is now. Whilst Costa appear to be producing the most new ships – three before ...
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Whats new in cruise ships? Part 1

For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to combine a trip to the excitement of Orlando with a Caribbean cruise, there is good news about the cruise industry. The building boom is continuing, and between 2010 and 2014, numerous large cruise li...
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Rent a Dodge Durango

We always find that the car that you rent whilst in Florida becomes a large part of your vacation experience. Most of us can almost certainly remember the differing types of vehicles that we have rented over the years whilst enjoying the sun and fun ...
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Chevrolet Trailblazer

On my last trip to Florida I chose to use Budget to supply my rental car for our 2 week stay and was lucky enough to be upgraded to a Chevrolet Trailblazer, Budget’s standard sized SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). With my wife and two teenage daughters ...
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Where to see Manatees

Manatees are fascinating gentle mammals which inhabit the coastal waters around Florida. Sadly their numbers are declining due mainly to human activity, and they are now an endangered species. Many of them die from injuries received from boat propell...
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A Taste of Spanish Florida

If you take a ride on one of the trolley buses that travel around the narrow streets of St Augustine, you will see much evidence of Spanish influence. Don Pedro Menendes de Aviles, the founder of St Augustine, first laid claim to the area by planting...
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The Toyota Highlander by Alamo

When looking for a comfortable 4x4 to rent during the summer my usual procrastination was curtailed by price when I was distracted by an extremely good deal (at the time) being offered by Alamo via the car rental pages of this web site (http://www. o...
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Rent a Ford Mustang Convertible

To rent a Ford Mustang Convertible, click here and select Alamo as the supplier. Whenever we vacation in Florida we make a point of renting a convertible during one of the weeks o...
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The Dodge Nitro - A new addition to the Dollar car rental fleet

Having booked our SUV (4x4) car rental for our April ’07 visit, I was fully expecting to be handed over a Jeep Cherokee Laredo, a vehicle I have had the pleasure of renting on many visits. On this trip however we were given a brand new model in the S...
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Ybor City was founded by Don Vincente Ybor in 1886,it was based on the cigar industry and had a largely Latin population though the city also opened its arms to Germans and Afro Cubans The first cigar factory was opened in 1886 and until the 1...
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