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Florida Trips Guide - Miscellaneous - Page 2

Car Rental can be part of your holiday?

One of the joys of my trips to Florida is the ability to try out different vehicles and experience motoring that can be too expensive to enjoy in the UK. In the summer months, when I get to spend more time in Florida than during the rest of the year,...
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Short Cuts to Disney from US27

Whilst there are lots of places to stay around the Disney area, each development has it's own charm. It really doesn't make that much difference whether you stay west or east. All the areas are within easy driving distances from the main attractio...
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Orlando International Airport - Art in a Garage? Whatever Next?

Who would have thought that an airport garage would actually be an art gallery? Well, the parking garage at Orlando international Airport is just that. If you don’t believe me then take a look next time you park your vehicle in one of the two large p...
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