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Florida Trips Guide - Planning your Trip - Page 1

Disney World through the eyes of a two year old boy - part 2
Climbing up the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house was great fun, all small boys like to climb and he is no exception. We had trouble getting him of this to go and do other things. The highlight of the day was, and suspect is for most...
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Disney World through the eyes of a two year old boy - Part 1
This year we had the great delight of taking our two year old Grandson to Disney World for the first time. He is actually 2years and 10 months – the exact same age his mother was at her first trip. Seeing Disney through his eyes is utterly magic, eve...
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Why Go Back To Orlando
When my mother heard we were going to Orlando she said, “Fancy spending two weeks at a fun fair. ” Well you wont be surprised to hear that she had never been further than Italy in her 92 years on this earth. Not only do many people go to a “Fun Fair”...
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A Minivan or Grand Caravan - a rental car of choice.
To a British ‘audience’ the phrase “Minivan” conjures up an image of a vintage Austin Mini estate that was popular with plumbers, window cleaners et. al circa 1970 driven with attitude similarly the term “Grand Caravan” sounds like something out of a...
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Port Canaveral - The Passenger Terminals
Port Canaveral boasts six passenger terminals, including one designed specifically for the Disney ships, which embark and disembark passengers from several cruise liners. As the port expands it is beginning to attract many more cruise ships. Whilst n...
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Cruise Ships from Port Canaveral
If you have enough time to combine a cruise with a vacation in a beautiful villa in Orlando, then Port Canaveral is an ideal choice of port to embark from, due to its location just an hour away. Although it does not yet have the range of ships to cho...
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Tips for Driving a Rental Car in Florida
If you are picking up your rental car at the airport it is often best if the Driver goes to the relevant Car Rental Desk whilst the rest of the family waits for the luggage. My Father and I tend to do this and although we leave Mother with th...
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Quite some vehicle – The Jeep Commander
The car that you rent whilst in Florida is a significant part of your vacation experience. Most of us can almost certainly remember the differing types of vehicles that we have rented over the years whilst enjoying the delights of Orlando. Dur...
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