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Florida Trips Guide - Days Out - Page 1

A day out in Winter Park, Orlando

A day trip to Winter Park, Orlando. If you’re looking to do a bit of retail shopping and have a bite to eat then won’t go wrong with Winter Park. This peaceful, upscale community may be just outside the hustle and bustle of Orlando, b...
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Early December at Treasure Island

Any month is a good month to go to Florida but one of our favourite times of year has to be early December. If there is ever a month to get a bargain in air fares it is likely to be at that time as long as you return home before Christmas. Viewed 3742 times.

Winter Park Part Two

Having so much enjoyed our first afternoon in Winter Park we decided to set out for a full day the second time we visited. We decided to start slowly and we began with Winter Park’s fantastic boat tour, run for many years by friendly and enthusiastic...
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Winter Park Part One

When our family was choosing places to visit before we went to Florida, I found whilst researching that there were many positive reviews for a place named Winter Park in Osceola. Intrigued, I did some further research and discovered that it was a bea...
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Winter Park - home of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum

The city of Winter Park is situated north-east of and adjacent to Orlando. Due to it’s close proximity to Orlando, Winter Park is a city which many commuters traverse to access Downtown Orlando. However, on a cool sunny Spring day, it is the ideal pl...
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Sarasota - What to do there

Sarasota The Sarasota area was originally identified in the mid-1700s as Zara Zote. The area is south of Tampa and north of Fort Myers on the western coast of the Florida. Within Sarasota Bay is a group of barrier isla...
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The John and Mabel Ringling Museum Of Art

THE JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART On our trip to Sarasota Bay we discovered the amazing John and Mable Ringling museum of art. There is an international art collection of paintings and statues, a jewel-box Italian theatre, the world’...
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Fly-n-High: an adventure on the water.

On the occasions when we have our grown up children with us, they require we find them something thrilling to do and Fly-n-High fit the bill perfectly. Fly-n-High are located on Madeira Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Here you can jet ski, para s...
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A meal with a view at Hollywood Beach.

While you are enjoying your side trip to Hollywood Beach, you will need to grab a couple of meals. Since you are in a beach side resort, why not eat on Broadwalk where you get a sea view to die for. Jakes on the Beach is notable for the s...
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Taking children to Hollywood Beach

So you are taking an overnight trip to Hollywood Beach and you have young children with you. So what is there to do? Well, lots actually! You will want to spend some time on the beach and even in the sea in warmer months. Afte...
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Ringling Museum, Sarasota

If you are staying on the Florida Gulf Coast something which will be enjoyed by all members of the family is the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. Just off the 41 opposite University Parkway, it is a short walk from the car park but there is plenty of roo...
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Daytona Beach

“Turn right. You' ve got six miles of beach to park on”, said the parking attendant. Where were we? Daytona Beach. So we turned right onto the fine, pale sand that stretched before us under the morning sun. With the car parked, and our to...
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Leu Gardens

Florida’s Hidden Gem All parked out and nowhere to go? You could try a relaxing day at the Harry P Leu Gardens, a peaceful horticultural haven in North Forest Avenue, Orlando. We found the address on Google and set off for a non-Disney day...
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Historical Museum in Orlando

A visit to a museum is always a great way to discover the country you are visiting so may I recommend The Orange County Regional Historical Museum (particularly if you are a family group) This museum is situated in East Central Boulevard (...
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Auburndale Flea Market

When you have visited Florida a number of times and are theme-parked out you may well want to explore the real Florida where most Floridians live and raise their families. You may well have visited the flea markets on the 192 but these are still aime...
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Visiting the Parks Part 4

All parks have children’s buggies for hire at a very reasonable price. The place to hire these are usually at the front of the Parks and wheelchairs are also available there. The kids love them and they are handy for putting your bags on etc (we used...
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Visiting the Parks Part 3

Before we have visited the Parks we will have gone through the Park literature to find out the opening, show and parade times. We will also have decided what rides we want to go on and worked out a rough schedule. Once we get to the Park ...
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Visiting the Parks Part 2

If you are visiting the Disney Parks the Disney transportation is a great way to get around during the day. We tend to park in the park we are all going to meet up at the end of the day and jump on the buses near the parks entrances to wherever we wa...
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Visiting the Parks Part 1

You will find leaflets from the Parks advertising the attractions and rides and also their opening times all over Orlando. These are usually printed for each month (as the times of opening and show times change) and are an essential part of your plan...
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Edward Bok; his gift to the nation.

Bok Gardens is the most wonderful tourist attraction. It features wildlife gardens and bird sanctuary with a 60 bell Carillon tower. This is located in Lake Wales which is a fairly easy drive from your vacation villa and well worth a visit. <...
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