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Florida Trips Guide - Sea World - Page 1

Special events at Seaworld.
Are you going to Florida in the next 5 weeks? Do you have children? Do you love Seaworld? If the answer to all 3 is yes, then I have good news for you. Seaworld are hosting 4 very special events through...
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What makes Seaworld so good?
Seaworld is one of Orlando’s most under popular parks with families, however is not normally on the must do parks. The park boasts excellent visitor records and is actually one of Orlando’s best visited parks by people on vacation. Over the Years Sea...
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Seaworld Summer Nights.
It is a close call (and I often sway this way and the other) but I often think that Sea World is my favourite Orlando park. And this summer there are more reasons to visit because until the 14th of august they are celebrating with Summer ...
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Christmas at Seaworld
Seaworld has become one of our favourite parks. We find it very easy to get round, and the wonderful Shamu show, ‘Believe’ and the dolphin and whale show, ‘Blue Horizons’ always give me goose bumps. Added to that, the beautiful landscaping, tropical ...
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