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Florida Trips Guide - Magic Kingdom - Page 1

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

When people think of fireworks at Disney most people think of the firework display at EPCOT being the best. This is probably true, but there is another firework display at Disney Magic Kingdom that is certainly worth a look. During the summer months ...
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A Visit to Main Street Magic Kingdom Part 2

On the far corner right hand corner of Main Street as you head towards Cinderella’s Castle you can get ice creams at the Plaza these can be very welcome in the heat of the day. There is a very nice seating area in front of the parlour and it usually ...
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A Visit to Main Street - Part 1

Main Street can be very busy especially before during and immediately after the Parade so it is easy to miss all that there is to enjoy there. Some visitors just walk through it using the backdrop of Cinderella’s Castle and the balloon sellers for th...
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Halloween at Magic Kingdom.

So we all know that Universal proudly boasts that it holds the number one Halloween event (and it is perfectly true) But. . . . it is VERY scary; so what do you do if you have young children? Well. you head off to Disney of course. ...
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Magic Kingdom’s Secret Passages

The Magic Kingdom utility corridors (known as Utilidors) are a chain of tunnels which have been built directly underneath the Magic Kingdom theme park. They were originally built so that waste materials could easily be removed and to also provide hid...
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Interesting Facts about Cinderella Castle – Magic Kingdom

Just as Spaceship Earth is the recognized icon of Epcot, The Tree of Life is Animal Kingdom’s and the Sorcerer’s Hat is Hollywood Studios, Cinderella Castle must be the most well known icon of them all. The castle stands in the centre of Magic Kingdo...
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A few tips for surviving Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Some sensible shoes are the most important aspect of surviving a day at Disney World, as is a good sun block and a hat of some kind. You will spend most of the day on your feet and in bright sunshine. A rucksack containing a raincoat for the short sh...
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The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House at Magic Kingdom

Many years ago, as a child I was taken to the cinema to watch that wonderful adventure film, ‘The Swiss Family Robinson, ’ starring amongst others, that great actor, John Mills. Having been shipwrecked, this family of five, including sons Fritz, Erns...
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Magic Kingdom Reviewed

Magic Kingdom at Disney World, Florida is the Worlds most famous theme park and is one nearly everyone will visit at some stage of their stay in Orlando. The park itself has not changed much over the years and still has its original charm and charact...
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The Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress is situated in The Magic Kingdom in the Tomorrow Land area. It is set back a bit from the other attractions so sometimes gets missed out by visitors. The Carousel of Progress was designed by Walt Disney himself for the 1936 W...
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Magic Kingdom - Adventure Land

The Magic Kingdom is set out in different “lands”, Fantasy Land - for the little ones, Liberty Square, Frontier Land, Future Land, Tomorrow Land, Mickeys Toontown Fair (Shortly to be upgraded) and the Adventureland. Adventure Land houses the ...
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Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

The Magic Kingdom is set out into several “lands”. Fantasy Land for the little ones, Future Land, Adventure Land, Liberty Square, Mickey’s Toontown (soon to be upgraded) and the one I am going to talk about in this article - Frontier Land. Fr...
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