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Magic Kingdom - Frontierland - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is set out into several “lands”. Fantasy Land for the little ones, Future Land, Adventure Land, Liberty Square, Mickey’s Toontown (soon to be upgraded) and the one I am going to talk about in this article - Frontier Land.

Frontier Land is home to Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, The Shooting Gallery and best of all The Country Bears Jamboree. Here you sit in a comfortable theatre, rest your aching feet and watch animatronic bears singing songs. There is the band playing home made instruments and a compare playing the piano and singing. What’s not to love about three bears dressed in little blue dresses singing, “All the boys who turn me on turn me down”. Magical! Or Big Al singing in a very deep voice “There was blood on the saddle”. As you have probably guessed all the songs have a country theme but even if you don’t like country music you will not be able to stop yourself tapping your feet to these adorable and funny bears. Children from 9 months to 90 years all love this attraction.

Splash Mountain is a firm favourite too; travel through Zippy De Do Dah Land and see all sorts of characters - most of which you will remember from your own childhood - but don’t get complacent as at the end of the ride you will have to endure a tremendous drop down the water flume - YOU WILL GET WET! As will anybody who is watching from the bridge as you plunge down.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is as it says a runaway train on a track which swoops and swirls round at breakneck speeds - a lot of bends so if you don’t like spinning round, give it a miss. This is a real bone shaker of a ride!

Tom Sawyer Island is an area where the children can wander around what would have been where Tom Sawyer and his friends played, they can climb and explore caves and generally have fun. It is accessed by a ferry boat and takes up the whole island.

There are always long queues for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so it would be wise to go for a fast pass for these.

Apart from the rides there is a Shooting Arcade several shops and Peco Bill Café where you can get all kinds of Mexican style food. They have salads served in Taco shells, the usual burgers, chicken and some specials for the children.

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