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Florida Trips Guide - Epcot - Page 1

Ride Guide – Soarin’

Ride Guide – Soarin’ One of the newer rides in Epcot Soarin’ was originally featured in the California themepark and proved so popular that the concept was adapted further and added to the Land Pavilion. It is definitely a family favo...
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Journey into Imagination - Epcot

Journey into Imagination can be found in The Imagination Pavilion in Future World, Epcot. It originally opened on March 5th 1983 and there have been three versions over the years. The most recent version opened on June 2nd 2002. Spon...
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Epcot....a history ,part two.

Epcot was completed in 1982 and was a completely fresh look at how a Theme park should look. It was Walt' s favourite project but unfortunately he did not live to see it come to fruition and indeed it takes a different form to his vision of an ideali...
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Epcot........a history part one.

Of all the many and varied ventures that Walt Disney was involved in during his lifetime, Epcot was possibly closest to his heart. Sad to say, then, that he did not live to see the fruition of his dream and as we shall discover later...
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Epcot World Showcase - France

Zoom across the Atlantic and wander through the quaint cobblestone streets of Paris set in the 1870 to 1910 ' La Belle Epoque' era, or ' the beautiful time' , as it is known in English. The replica of the Eiffel Tower in the distance is roughly...
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Epcot World Showcase - China

The Chinese pavillion at Epcot is one of the most brightly coloured of all the countries represented around Showcase lagoon and one of the most detailed. The Gate of the Golden Sun is the main entrance and the style is based on the gate o...
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