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Florida Trips Guide - Florida History - Page 1

Hialeah to Gainseville: what's in a name?

And here are some more of the origin of Florida place names Lets start with Hialeah in Hillsborough County. Again this has its origins in Muskogee and it translates thus; haiyakpo is a prairie and hili means pretty so there we are, pretty ...
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From Miami to Key West: what's in a name?

So here are some more Floridian place names and their meanings. MIAMI Most of us have been to Miami at some point. And certainly in the early days you would have flown through Miami airport before you travelled on to Orlando. S...
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The history of Downtown Disney.

To trace the history of Downtown Disney we need to go back 36 years (are you surprised to hear that? ) This was when the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village opened. Two years later this was renamed as Walt Disney World Village. As we s...
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Historic Sanford

You possibly think of Sanford as that airport that you pass through on your way in and out of Florida. However it is a charming and historic City bordering on Lake Monroe and close to St Johns River. There are a host of historic buildings...
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The State Nicknames – Part 17 North Carolina

Our fascination with the State Number Plates in the USA has continued each time we visit Florida. It is interesting to see the different plates which offer a snapshot of each state. North Carolina This magnificent state has wonderful...
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T.H.Stone Memorial Park

The T. H. Stone Memorial St Joseph Peninsula State Park is is situated in Port St Joe on Cap San Blas Rd. This area was once occupied by those Native Americans known as The Weedon Culture. This would have been from around 5000 to 2000 A. D. s...
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