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Florida Trips Guide - Golf - Page 1

Legends Golf Course
Legends Golf and Country Club Whilst spending time at our villa on Highlands Reserve, my son in law and I took the opportunity for a bit of relaxation with a round at Legends Golf Course. Located on the US27, North of Highlands Reserve...
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Golf in Florida - My Guilty Pleasure!
When you have three villas, ‘holidays’ spent in Orlando tend to be a whirl of decorating and maintenance, but over the years I have managed to sneak away to play three different golf courses local to Highlands Reserve; Polo Park, Orange County Natura...
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Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational Golf
None of our family are golfers but we do spend many hours often until very late at night watching the USA PGA golf on television. So we were delighted this year when whilst staying at our villa in March one of our American friends got us tickets to t...
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Golfing on a family holiday
Being a keen golfer on a family holiday with no one else who even likes golf can make it difficult to have a game. We as a family have been going to Florida for a few years now. We started off with our 10 & 6 year old girls doing Disney, Universa...
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Rotonda - Long Marsh Golf Club
On our first trip down to Rotonda we decided to try out the local golf. The closest of the four courses that comprise Rotonda Golf & Country Club is Long Marsh and the villa we are staying in is situated just off the 6th Green of White Ma...
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Golf in Florida part 4
Falcons Fire Golf Club is where it all comes together! The designers have combined a resort style atmosphere with a links style course in a great location only minutes from the airport and central Florida attractions. The signature 13th hole (394 yar...
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Golf in Florida part 1
Many of our guests come to Florida just for the golf after all Florida has some of the best courses in the World and you can barely swing your putter in central Florida without hitting at least half a dozen great courses but if you’re a regular and y...
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Celebration Golf Club
The last time I played Celebration I shared the practice ground with ‘Grip it and Rip It’ big John Daly. He was practising in bare feet and was whacking it twice as far as me, and dead straight, while talking to me over his shoulder. Just shows that ...
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Naples Beach and Golf Resort
We were scheduled for a four day stay in Naples and one of those days had been designated to play golf. We chose to play at Naples beach and golf resort, a golf course attached to one of the many hotels in Naples and is easy to find situated j...
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