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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 4

Winter in Madrid - Part 2

The sports calendar also becomes attractive: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will face each other up to three times in just a month period time, as they will play on January 7th and 13th to reach the next phase on the Copa del Rey tournament, while t...
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Winter in Madrid - Part 1

We already left Autumn and we welcome a new season. A new year is starting as winter spreads its cold all around the city, as this is the coolest time of the year in Madrid gets ready with news in its events calendar and places get ready for a new se...
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Cyprus Outdoor activities

Cyprus might be better known for its beaches, but there is actually an array of outdoor activities to enjoy. For those with an adventurous streak, here’s how to get your pulse racing while admiring the beautiful countryside. Viewed 2057 times.

Istanbul - Part 2

The magical waters of the Bosporus divide the city between the romantic ideals of Europe and the intoxicating hubbub of Asia. Along these shimmering shores mighty empires have risen and fallen, palaces have crumbled, myths born and voyages begun. Wit...
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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area - Part 1

THE AMSTERDAM METROPOLITAN AREA lies to the north of the Randstad and encompasses the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Flevoland. The area has a total population of over 2 million inhabitants. The Amsterdam Metropolitan ...
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Islands with a Difference – Part 2

RAJA AMPAT, INDONESIA This island is situated in some of the world’s best diving waters and has an area of 46, 000sq km. Raja Ampat means Four Kings, which is deceptive seeing as ...
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Islands with a Difference – Part 1

Over the years I have come across many islands for some reason I would class as different. They may be UNESCO listed dots in some of the world’s hardest to reach corners but there are also some interesting islands you’ve probably heard of but really ...
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Great Stones Way, Wiltshire - Part 3

Our plan for day two was STROLL AROUND IN PEWSEY. We continued south, walking across rolling farmland on the way to the Vale of Pewsey. The Alton Barnes White Horse detour is to be recommended at this point. Then continue by following a part of the m...
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Great Stones Way, Wiltshire - Part 2

So when’s the best time to do this walk you ask? Well, it’s possible to do the walk year-round, however, spring and summer offer the best weather and also fields full of crops and wildflowers. If you want to do this walk without a car...
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Great Stones Way, Wiltshire - Part 1

Swindon doesn’t sound like the most adventurous starting point for a walk, but what lies beyond is worth the trip. Summoning us due south of the Wiltshire town is arguably England’s most monumental, mystery packed landscape. This is a...
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Poland: An Overview - Part 5

What should you buy Art and antiques are good buys. You’ll find excellent antique furnishings and religious art throughout Poland, though the best pieces tend to wind up in the wide spectrum of s...
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Poland: An Overview - Part 4

SHOPPING The demise of Communism in 1989 and the move to a free-market economy have had a dramatic impact on Poland as a shopping destination. Drab state-owned stores are a thing of the past. The...
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Poland: An Overview - Part 3

Literacy rates are high, at a shade under 100 per cent. Poles are well educated, and young people in the larger cities speak good English much more so than German or Russian. They are up to date on fashions, trends, music and technology and they welc...
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Poland: An Overview - Part 2

Warsaw, Poland’s largest city by far and its commercial and political capital, is not the bleak grey morass of Communist days. It may still be a little severe on the eyes in places, but it is most certainly beautiful in others, and perhaps best expre...
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Poland: An Overview - Part 1

If you have travelled in Europe and not been to Poland then you have missed out in a big way. The country is currently transforming itself but can still draw on more than 1000 years of history. In this article, I will take a look at what I think are ...
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Athens - Part 3

Electra Metropolis roof garden; this sources regional ingredients and prepares traditional dishes with a light imaginative touch. A typical meal would be tuna tartare, lamb with anthotyro, grouper with sun-dried Santorini tomatoes and round it all of...
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Athens - Part 2

Electra Metropolis is a central, modern hotel where the past is still appreciated. The restored 16th century Agia Dynamis church is literally squeezed between two columns of the building. Just a stone’s throw from the main shopping streets of Syntagm...
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Athens - Part 1

Athens is the capital of Greece and lies at the heart of the ancient region of Attica. Flights from London take around three and a half hours ahead of GMT. Currency is the Euro and the language, Greek; however, English is widely spoken, through a few...
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Istanbul - Part 1

Istanbul, Gilded domes, glittering minarets, aristocratic pavilions and sultan’s palaces rise amidst a vibrant- uber-cool metropolis. An intoxicating fusion of warm spices and Middle Eastern flavours scent the air of outstanding contemporary culture,...
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Lake Como

A superstar on its own right, Lake Como has been cast in many iconic movies. Oceans twelve was a great excuse to include George Clooney’s lakeside villa in some of the pivotal scenes, It is worthy of a watch simply for glimpses of Italy’s most celebr...
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