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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 16

Flying to Fort Lauderdale with US Airways – Part 2
As a special birthday treat my husband and I are flying out to Florida to pick up a Caribbean cruise. We normally visit our beautiful home, but this time we can only fit in a short trip. We have booked flights with US Airways, from Gatwick to...
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Flying to Florida with US Airways – Part 1
I have recently celebrated a special birthday and so my husband decided that we would visit Florida and go on a Caribbean cruise as a special treat. We normally visit our lovely home in Orlando, but this time we could only manage a short trip. Viewed 3417 times since 21 October 2010.

Cruising - What Happens if I Become Ill?
Nobody wants to consider the possibility of either illness or injury whilst on holiday, but on a cruise ship it is certainly reassuring that there is a medical facility just an elevator away. In fact, Princess is the first cruise line to have achieve...
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Flying to Tampa with British Airways – Part 1 Airports, x-rays and big breakfasts
The sun is peeping through the curtains and as I drift into wakefulness I remember that today we are flying off to Florida – whoopee! I can’t help it, even now when we don’t have children to travel with I still wake up with a huge sense of excitement...
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If you fly to Florida with an American carrier such as Delta, then you may well fly into John F Kennedy Airport, or JFK as it is more usually known. Originally known as Idlewild Airport, it later became Major General Alexander E Anderson Airport – qu...
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Travelling with a toddler - buggies and car seats.
When travelling with a toddler you need to consider the question of the buggy / stroller. Even the most energetic child who is considered a “good walker” will get tired walking around the theme parks and child transportation of some sort is e...
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Travelling with a toddler - the journey.
We have been travelling to Florida and in particular to Orlando for over 20 years now. Our boys took their first trip aged 9 and 7, but this year, for the first time, we are going to be travelling with a toddler – and that takes some planning! Viewed 3252 times since 22 September 2009.

New York JFK Airport
John F Kennedy International Airport was, of course, named after the famous President of the 1960’s, who was, sadly, assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. Originally named ‘New York International Airport, ’ it was renamed in memory of the late preside...
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Florida’s State Roads
When visiting Florida you will notice on your map or Satellite Navigation system that many routes are signified as ‘State’ roads. These are the roads maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation or a toll authority. State Roads, usually abb...
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Cruising – Hiring a Car in Cozumel
One of the most interesting parts of a cruise is deciding what you want to see when your ship arrives in port. You can, of course, play safe and go with a tour organized by your cruise company, but Cozumel is one port where you can easily hire a car ...
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The new Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Two years ago in the summer of 2006 we organised, through the car rental pages of this website (http://www. orlandovillas. com/car_hire. aspx) , the hire of a Chrysler Sebring convertible. The family enjoyed the car so much that we felt that we must ...
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The new Suzuki XL7 by Thrifty car rental
During our last trip to Florida during the summer of 2008 we chose to organise the rental of a mid sized SUV from Thrifty car rental, bookable via this website (http://www. orlandovillas. com/car_hire. aspx) . We organised for a collection at the Rad...
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Thomas Cook Premier service
If you have ever flown long haul to Orlando in a charter airline economy airplane you will appreciate you are not given the biggest legroom and seat pitch in the world. If you are after a cheap upgrade why not try upgrading to one of the premium serv...
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Trip to Niagara
Last time we where at our villa, we decided that we would take a trip to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side, something that we really had wanted to see for a long time. Our trip began at Orlando International Airport on a flight to Atlanta Airp...
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My first driving experience in Florida
When I first visited Florida I was a little nervous of driving. I have many years experience driving here in the UK, but no previous experience driving in the US. The difference I was told was mainly to do with the size of the vehicles and the size o...
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Car Hire at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport
On a recent trip to our villa in Orlando we decided that, having had a busy time ensuring that our home was in perfect condition, we would take a well-earned break with a cruise from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale. We drove down the Florida Turnpik...
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Lightly packed!!
Having successfully chosen and booked your villa, decided on the right selection of park tickets, and of course hired the perfect size car, the one thing that is often the final challenge for any trip is all that is left, the packing! ! ! I w...
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A Coastal Drive From Miami - Part 1
If you visit Miami, then try to find time to drive up the A1A, the scenic coastal road which runs north-south along the barrier islands, and the intercoastal waterways. It is a spectacular drive, across MacArthur Causeway, giving you fantastic views ...
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Daytona beach - day away from the parks
Being located around 70 miles from Orlando, Daytona is only around and hour and a half away and an ideal place to spend a day out away from the parks of Orlando. My first trip to Daytona was back in 1996 and not a lot has changed since then. Finding ...
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Shopping & Eating in Naples
Naples IS shopping With the fabulous Fifth Avenue and Third Street where you will find very exclusive shops and impressive art galleries, equal to any at Beverly Hills and the many discounted malls and outlets. Just make sure yo...
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