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Florida Trips Guide - Discovery Cove - Page 1

Hints and Tips for Discovery Cove

1. Get there early. They open at 7. 30 and if you are there soon after that you can park very close and have your pick of times for the additional attractions such as the dolphin swim and Sea Venture. You have paid a lot to be there so you might as ...
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Swimming with Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Nearly every time I have returned from Florida I have heard excited families telling other people about how the best day of their trip had been swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Well this time it was my turn to have the experience. ...
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Discovery Cove

At first sight, the tickets for Discovery Cove are expensive, however, once you have experienced the day you will change your mind. The day starts early, we arrived at around 9am, it was my youngest sons birthday present and he was really exc...
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