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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 10

Bay of Naples - Part 2

ISCHIA To continue on this journey you need to travel across the bay on a hydrofoil to your next stop which is the lava formed island of Ischia. This geological wonder is an appealing mix of pict...
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Bay of Naples - Part 1

The Mediterranean is an undisputed haven for island hopping. But while the waters off Greece and Croatia might be increasingly familiar to travellers, Italy is arguably still king when it comes to off shore escapes and nowhere is this more evident th...
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City of Thessaloniki - Part 2

If you follow the port road of Leoforos Nikis heading east along the bay you will come to the Lefkos Pyrgos, or White Tower is the symbol of the city and is close to the University area with its clubs and bars, and the International Trade fairgrounds...
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City of Thessaloniki - Part 1

Thessaloniki was founded in 315bc by Cassander, the king of ancient Macedon and named after his wife. Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and second largest city of Greece. , Thessaloniki, half sister of Alexander the Great. It means Victory in ...
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Toronto - Part 2

You’d be remiss not to visit this bustling food bazaar, local chefs serve up everything from paella with pork belly and duck from a local, all organic farm to Tibetan dumplings. Toronto has the second biggest Tibetan population in the world. It’s ear...
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Toronto - Part 1

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, Canada, and sits on the North-West of Lake Ontario. Currency is the Canadian dollar and the average high temperature in June is 25c and the average low is 13c. En route from the airport, the sunbaked...
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Alternative Reykjavik, Iceland – Part 3

Here’s what you can do as an alternative. Start with a morning pastry at Braud & Co on Frakkastigur then head north, toward Borgarfordur. Stop at Deildartunguhver Hot Spring which is the most powerful in Iceland. Watch the water b...
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Alternative Reykjavik, Iceland – Part 2

Icelandair flies direct to Reykjavik from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The flight time is about three hours and normally costs less than £200 return. If you are flying on to one of 16 destinations in North America ...
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Alternative Reykjavik, Iceland – Part 1

Have you already visited Gullfoss Falls, the hilltop church and Blue Lagoon, well talking to a local resident you can find an alternative way to enjoy a short stopover in the capital. If you’ve visited Iceland before the chances are y...
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Pura Besakih, Bali – Part 1

Bali is not a place that is exactly short of temples, but one, in particular, stands out. The island’s ‘Mother Temple’ still attracts crowds even a century after it was hit by a devastating earthquake. Bali is probably better known fo...
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Pura Besakih, Bali – Part 2

PURA BESAKIH TEMPLE COMPLEX The complex is situated on the south-west flanks of the sacred volcano Gunung Agung, which was considered by local Hindus to be the seat of the gods and the centre of ...
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Pura Besakih, Bali – Part 3

As I mentioned in the first part of this article arriving on tour with a guide from outside the area can get you past a lot of the scams as you will be forewarned. If you arrive on your read on carefully. There are really only two req...
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La Palma, The Canaries - Part 1

When you talk about The Canaries most people in Europe think about holidays but these islands are not just all about beaches. You can explore wild volcano trails, gaze at clear starry skies and enjoy a colourful capital on the island of La Palma. Viewed 985 times.

La Palma, The Canaries - Part 2

Information to plan your trip When is it best to go? Well year round is good here because of the climate, though spring and autumn are pleasant. The Carnival held in late February is lively, part...
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La Palma, The Canaries - Part 3

If you make this part of a three day trip then here are my idea for days two and three. If this is just part of a long weekend then mix and match to get the best parts that interest you. Day Two ...
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Georgia’s capital, with its winding streets, streaming Sulphur baths and art treasures galore, never fails to enchant. Neither does its unique cuisine. Close to colossal Caucasus mountains, Tbilisi is a melting pot bubbling with Europ...
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Santiago de Compostela - Part 3

Whether Catholic or not, the Pilgrim Mass at the cathedral, particularly the swinging of the botafumeiro which is a giant incense burner is a must. They only promise to do this at Friday’s 7. 30pm mass when it cleanses the air and your soul. After th...
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Santiago de Compostela - Part 2

Things you should know before you decide you want to do this The population of the town is around 100, 00 and the official language is Spanish, though Galician is the local language that you will mostly hear. English is mostly understo...
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Santiago de Compostela - Part 1

If you are a serious hiker then this is the place you dream about while walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago, but what to do when you finally get there? Before you arrive the town is seen from a distance which is usually on top of Monte...
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Japan on a budget - Part 3

ACTIVITIES There is one thing you can certainly count on once you are in Japan and that is that you are never going to be very far from a mountain. The ratio of upland areas compared to coastal ...
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