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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 10

Yangon, Myanmar - Part 2

The population of Myanmar is just over 6 million and the language spoken is Burmese however there are around 100 tribal languages and dialects also spoken. Some English is spoken in towns and main tourist areas. If you are planning on calling back to...
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Yangon, Myanmar - Part 1

The reasons to go to Yangon are many, not least the dazzling pagodas, mouth watering food and tantalising market stalls. Life in Myanmar’s fascinating former capital truly feels golden. On arrival at Yangon airport a sign announces th...
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Panama Canal

A contender for the eighth wonder of the world, the Panama Canal has been undergoing a major revamp, which should have coincided with its 100th birthday four years ago. However, the locks and basins were finally completed in June 2016, two years late...
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Avignon, France - Part 3

On your second day look for a different perspective on the Palais des Papes. Try booking a secret palace tour, which permits access to areas usually of limits to visitors. However English tours used to be available only on Fridays at 3 pm, you may wa...
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Avignon, France - Part 2

The best time to go depends on what you want to do, the annual Theatre Festival means the city is heaving in July, however you attend one of the many performances. A trip in the Spring or Autumn is much better if you prefer it a bit less crowded and ...
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Avignon, France - Part 1

If you fancy getting away what better than a trip to the historic and gastronomic Provençal city of Avignon. It is an easy train journey or short flight away and is ideal for that long weekend break you have been promising yourself. W...
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Windsor - Part 3

If you stay for a second day then explore some of the countryside surrounding Windsor. There are plenty of possible walks but try this 15km loop combines both pretty villages and parkland. Start in Home Park which runs alongside the Thames and is par...
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Windsor - Part 2

If you want to escape most of the seven million tourists that pour into Windsor and Eton annually then head into Windsor Great Park. This was once a vast Norman hunting forest, but now this 20 sq. km green space is a mixture of formal avenues, woods ...
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Windsor - Part 1

Just like the Royal family itself Windsor exudes pageantry but has also taken on many of the facets of modern Britain. The riverside town is a real mix of designer shops, quaint tea shops plus many of the usual chains, then it surrounded by a sprawli...
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Quebec City - Part 3

After you have had your retail therapy then it’s time to spend the afternoon with some culture. Start this with a visit to the Notre Dame cathedral which will often take longer than you first think. When this is finished try browsing through the gall...
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Quebec City - Part 2

Here is some basic information before you arrive. The population is now about half a million and officially the language is bilingual French/English. However, the default is French which is more commonly spoken almost everywhere. Just like the easter...
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Quebec City - Part 1

This is the place that Europe and North America merge. Québec City’s historic streets, shops and food provide a base to then explore the wider province. As it’s built on top of a cliff which is surrounded by ancient fortified walls an...
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Niagara Falls - Part 2

You can get a different perspective if you decide to take a different view of the area via the ‘Journey behind the Falls’ tour. A lift at the brink of Horseshoe Falls takes you down and behind the tumbling waters. This cost C$14 and really does give ...
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Niagara Falls - Part 1

When you see many of the photos of Niagara Falls quite often the iconic Maid of the Mist boats will be somewhere in the shot. So part of this article is to tell you what happened in 2014 when they stop running from the Canadian side of Niagara.
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Lake Constance

If you fancy an activity holiday then a cycling trip here has much to offer. First choice is when to go, my preference would be Spring/Autumn as this is the best times for biking. It is less crowded and in spring and you get to see all the wildflower...
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Quebec City: Falls - Part 1

Beautiful Montmorency Falls Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is a few minutes from Québec City. Located between the river and the cliffs, it' s one of the province' s most spectacular site. Majestic Montmorency Falls is one of Quebec’s mus...
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Canada: Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica - Part 1

The history of the Notre-Dame parish is intertwined with Montreal’s own, which was founded in 1642 by French named Maissoneuve. Up until 1659, the faithful gathered in a modest wooden chapel. It was operated by the Jesuits until the Sulpicians’ arriv...
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Qatar at a glance - Part 3

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign affairs strives to establish and develop close direct ties with all peace-loving countries and peoples of the world. It is keen to participate actively in efforts to deal with the concerns an challenges that the Gulf regio...
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Qatar at a glance - Part 2

The Emir is the ruler of Qatar. Rule is hereditary, with power transferred from father to son. If no son is available, power is transferred to the person whom the Emir chooses within the Al Thani family. The Emir is the head of the constitutional aut...
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Qatar at a glance - Part 1

Qatar is a peninsula of 11, 521sq located halfway down the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. The capital city is situated on a calm bay halfway along the east coast of the Qatar peninsula. Its two municipalities of Doha and AL Rayyan house the majority...
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