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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 10

Santiago de Compostela - Part 2
Things you should know before you decide you want to do this The population of the town is around 100, 00 and the official language is Spanish, though Galician is the local language that you will mostly hear. English is mostly understo...
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Santiago de Compostela - Part 1
If you are a serious hiker then this is the place you dream about while walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago, but what to do when you finally get there? Before you arrive the town is seen from a distance which is usually on top of Monte...
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Try diving – part 2
Experience counts in the water as well, as the longer established firms are usually the ones that are better versed in helping first-timers. Also check the centre’s level of insurance and whether it’s affiliated to a dive training agency, the BSAC, P...
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Try diving – part 1
All too often you go to some new place and then find out that diving is one of the options open to you. If this is something you have not prepared for then its no-go from that point on as this is a safety issue. So why not prepare for this before and...
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St Petersburg through the year – Part 4
AUTUMN City life begins to gain pace as people return from their dacha and families begin to prepare for the start of school. In September, when theatres re-open after the summer break, the city’...
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St Petersburg through the year – Part 3
SUMMER A lilac in flower is the real symbol that warm weather has set in and there is an air of excitement once they come into bloom. Throughout the warm months, the city is deserted at weekends ...
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St Petersburg through the year – Part 2
SPRING Spring has set in for good when the first sun bathers gather on the beaches outside the Peter and Paul Fortress and when, in early April after the waterways have thawed, the city’s bridge...
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St Petersburg through the year – Part 1
Working for airlines my entire life has given me the chance to travel the world for free while working. It also allows me to choose the places I would like to revisit in my own time and also to see how locations change throughout the year. With this ...
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Stopovers – Part 6
HELSINKI - FINLAND Helsinki Airport is the hub for Finnair, which offers free stopovers for up to five nights. Helsinki is not one of the most obvious stop over places but allow you to get places...
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Stopovers – Part 5
SÃO PAULO - BRAZIL São Paulo-Guarulhos Airport is the hub for LATAM with connecting flights within South America including the gateway to Antarctica, Ushuaia. It has direct flights to the UK. Viewed 408 times since 8 October 2018.

Stopovers – Part 4
LOS ANGELES – USA Los Angeles Airport is a major stopover en route to Central, South and North America as well as the South Pacific. It is a good stopover point as it is often part of a super lon...
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Stopovers – Part 3
ATLANTA - USA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is hub for Delta Airlines (and Virgin Atlantic) linking the Americas. Nearby the world’s biggest hub you can explore history and hiking trails. Ge...
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Stopovers – Part 2
MADRID - SPAIN Europe’s mega hub Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is the hub for Iberia Air. As such it is a major stop en route to Africa and South America. It is only 7 miles from the walka...
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Stopovers – Part 1
When you are a long-haul airline pilot you get to see in more detail a lot of the places that only appear on many peoples trip as a stopover. So is it worth breaking your trip and spending just a little time in some of these locations? Well read on a...
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Mount Rushmore
The towering symbol of US democracy at Mount Rushmore has just celebrated 75 controversial years just recently. If you go to see this fantastic work then don’t forget about Crazy Horse, why, read on and find out. The figures were carv...
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If you say Washington most people outside of the U. S. automatically think of the capital. However those two letters, DC, and a matter of 3000 miles brings you to the other one, Washington State. At this point asked about the state, m...
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Sri Lanka: Trincomalee - Part 1
Delve into the backstreets of this eastern Sri Lankan city you will find a vibrant food scene, a friendly reception and Hindu temples worth lingering over. Sitting in one of the world’s finest natural harbours, Trinco’s (as the locals...
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Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia - Part 1
The history of Elfreth' s Alley in Philadelphia If ever you get to visit Philadelphia then there are an abundance of things that will via for your attention and time. In fact, the list is so long and the time needed is so great that mu...
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 4
Artists and photographers worldwide descend on Ely each fall. The unspoiled, lush green terrain of the 1500-plus waterways of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are transformed into canvasses of vibrant gold, deep orange and ravishing red
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 3
Vacationers can fulfil their vacation dreams and pick their comfort level, because our selection of resort is sure to offer something for everyone. Whether it’s a basic no-frills cabin, a luxury log cabin or even a suite, the resort offers everything...
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