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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 13

Stopovers – Part 1

When you are a long-haul airline pilot you get to see in more detail a lot of the places that only appear on many peoples trip as a stopover. So is it worth breaking your trip and spending just a little time in some of these locations? Well read on a...
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Mount Rushmore

The towering symbol of US democracy at Mount Rushmore has just celebrated 75 controversial years just recently. If you go to see this fantastic work then don’t forget about Crazy Horse, why, read on and find out. The figures were carv...
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If you say Washington most people outside of the U. S. automatically think of the capital. However those two letters, DC, and a matter of 3000 miles brings you to the other one, Washington State. At this point asked about the state, m...
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Sri Lanka: Trincomalee - Part 1

Delve into the backstreets of this eastern Sri Lankan city you will find a vibrant food scene, a friendly reception and Hindu temples worth lingering over. Sitting in one of the world’s finest natural harbours, Trinco’s (as the locals...
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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country filled with adventure, where ancient customs and diverse ecosystems seem almost untouched by tourism. Papua New Guinea is a seriously compelling destination for adventurous travellers. Papua New Guinea is ...
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Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia - Part 1

The history of Elfreth' s Alley in Philadelphia If ever you get to visit Philadelphia then there are an abundance of things that will via for your attention and time. In fact, the list is so long and the time needed is so great that mu...
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 4

Artists and photographers worldwide descend on Ely each fall. The unspoiled, lush green terrain of the 1500-plus waterways of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are transformed into canvasses of vibrant gold, deep orange and ravishing red
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 3

Vacationers can fulfil their vacation dreams and pick their comfort level, because our selection of resort is sure to offer something for everyone. Whether it’s a basic no-frills cabin, a luxury log cabin or even a suite, the resort offers everything...
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 2

The outfitters of the Ely area cherish the lakes and forests of the Boundary Waters, and are professional guides, biologists and historians who can make your Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Canada’s Quetico provincial Park experience one of...
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Minnesota: Ely - Part 1

Ely is one of America’s gateaways, one of the last pure outdoor experience. Discover wilderness lakes and forests unchanged by the hand of man. Canoe for days without ever seeing another human being. Hide along wooden trails, where nature touches you...
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Niagara on the lake - Part 2

Alter our stop at the visitor centre it was back to strolling down the street and visiting some of the shops. The Christmas shop was a large double fronted homage to the holiday period and we spent quite some time selecting one of a k...
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Niagara on the lake - Part 1

Many people visiting Niagara Falls miss the opportunity to take in the beautiful little town of Niagara-on-the-lake (the lake being Lake Ontario) which is steeped in history and was once the capital of Canada. This little town is a hidden gem and for...
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Entering the USA from Canada

The majority of UK visitors to the USA will enter by air or sea, and those who are eligible for visa waiver will have completed an ESTA prior to embarking on their journey. (For details see articles on this site) What many people do no...
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Why is Puerto Vallarta a tourist destination? - Part 2

Why is Puerto Vallarta a tourist destination? - Part 2 While the filming of the movie was still happening Richard Burton decided that he like the area and villa very much. So much so that he purchased Casa Kimberley, which had nine bed...
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Why is Puerto Vallarta a tourist destination? - Part 1

Why is Puerto Vallarta a tourist destination? - Part 1 I thought I would write a few information articles about this location and this seemed a valid question given the towns history. If you are from Europe and not a film buff ...
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The Glen Canyon Dam Arizona

The Glen Canyon Dam Situated in the northern part of Arizona, on the outskirts of the town of Page, stands the Glen Canyon dam. This concrete arch dam straddles the mighty Colorado River between the upper and lower Rive...
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Canada – Quebec City an Overview

The crown jewel of the French part of Canada is undoubtedly Québec City. It is one of North America’s oldest and most outstanding settlements. Its attractive Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a living museum of narrow cobblestone street...
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Canada: Montmorency Falls, Parc de la Chute – Part 2

While the park is beautiful in summer it is in the winter that it becomes spectacular. In winter, the hiking trails are only accessible on foot or if you go deeper when you have on snowshoes. It is worth the effort to go for a walk to the park' s cov...
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Canada: Montmorency Falls, Parc de la Chute – Part 1

The beautiful Montmorency Falls which are within the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is just a few minutes from the downtown area of Québec City. It is located between the river and the cliffs and it is one of the province' s most special and spectacula...
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Canada: Montreal the old city - Part 3

A bit further south you start to leave the older European style buildings as you walk down St. Sulpice Street, this will lead you to the Place Royale and the Archaeology and History Museum Pointe-à-Callière which is set right above the birthplace of ...
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