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Istanbul - Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Istanbul, Gilded domes, glittering minarets, aristocratic pavilions and sultan’s palaces rise amidst a vibrant- uber-cool metropolis. An intoxicating fusion of warm spices and Middle Eastern flavours scent the air of outstanding contemporary culture, alive with all the bustling background notes of a 21st-century city. Magnificently Turkish, it’s the only destination on the planet whose footprint spreads across two continents. One of ocean flowing through slipper firmly planted in Asia, the other testing the cooler waters of Europe, separated by the majestic Bosphoros, seemingly a narrow strait yet a great slice of the ocean flowing through the centre of the throbbing, colourful city. The impressive central waterway never fails to thrill with its ever-changing panorama of passing ships- from working oil tankers, grimy tram steamers and fishing caiques to gleaming yachts gin and palaces, flashy motor launch slick ocean liners. The mercurial mood of the Bosphorous remains a constant backdrop to the magic of Istanbul. When night falls the crescent moon hangs with the stars over the water, the party begins.

You can possibly eat your way around Istanbul in one visit, but it’s well worth a try. Driven by cultural and culinary influences of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Venetians and the Ottomans it’s no surprise that the gastronomic scene in Istanbul is equally vibrant and colourful; diverse with aromatic Asian dishes, Mediterranean mezze and European classics along with the omnipresent variations of the local kofte. Breakfast is huge deal usually taken banquet-style, with trays of freshly baked flatbreads to soak up the array of delicacies on offer, some off the radar yet worth leaving your hotel to experience. It’s not your regular fresh fruit and a skinny latte, but often lemony rice-stuffed mussels , salty white cheeses, muhammara (an addictive red pepper and walnut spread) bal kaymak ( a delicious clotted cream with honey) and kuru fasulye ( a white bean stew in fruity olive oil and tomato sauce: turkey’s unofficial national dish, served at breakfast or any time of the day. Look for fresh figs the size of a baby’s fist and eat eggs scrambled with tomato and chillies alongside condiments of pickled everything.

Tugra restaurant at has loads of atmosphere, live music and some of the finest food in the city – world-class cuisine, with traditional Ottoman style palace dishes for the venerable purist and a contemporary take for a more modern palate.

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