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Journey into Imagination can be found in The Imagination Pavilion in Future World, Epcot. It originally opened on March 5th 1983 and there have been three versions over the years. The most recent version opened on June 2nd 2002.

Sponsored by Kodak it has changed more than any of the other pavilions in Epcot. The latest changes were a result of guests complaining that they did not like the second version and that Figment had only been given a cameo role. Figment is a small purple dragon, so called because of ‘Figment of the Imagination’.

In June 2002, Figment reappeared again and is much more involved in the ride, appearing in every scene. Doctor Nigel Channing, played by Eric Idle from Monty Python' s Flying Circus, hosts the ride and invites you to the Institute’s open house. Figment, much to the dismay of Doctor Channing, invites himself along and causes all sorts of mischief along the way.

During your ride you will visit five labs where you will study various senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. You might want to hold your nose during the smell section though, as Figment changes himself into a skunk and sprays the guests! In the sound section Figment decides to interrupt the experiment and the sound of a train becomes a ‘Train of Thought’. In the sight section he alters the eye chart and all manner of strange things occur.

Doctor Channing finally decides to give up after seeing all the chaos that Figment has caused. The last part of the ride is when Figment invites all the guests to his home and you will see that everything, including all his furniture, is upside down. Doctor Channing finally realises from Figment that Imagination should be set free and together they sing the signature song from the ride called “One Little Spark”.

Just a small word of warning, there are two sections of the ride (one is at the beginning and the other one is near the end of the ride) where it does get very dark and also quite noisy, especially the sound of the oncoming train. Very young children could be frightened by this. But on the whole the ride is for everyone.

Hidden Mickeys on this ride can be found in a few places. One is at the end of the ride in Figment’s upside down house. Look at the meal in his kitchen, the onion rings are made to look like a Mickey.

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