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A few tips for surviving Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Some sensible shoes are the most important aspect of surviving a day at Disney World, as is a good sun block and a hat of some kind. You will spend most of the day on your feet and in bright sunshine. A rucksack containing a raincoat for the short sharp showers that can occur throughout the height of summer, extra sun block for topping up during the day and some bottled water (or stop frequently at the drinking fountains dotted around the park). I even take a different pair of shoes to give my feet a change during the day. Is is also a good idea to take a light book and something for the children to look at while waiting in the queues for the rides. If you are visiting during the winter months you will probably need warmer clothing for the evening. These can be put in lockers at the entrance to the park for collection later. Quite a few people these days use an umbrella for both shading themselves from the sun or for protection from the odd shower.

A good idea is to start with a good cooked breakfast and then you will be able to survive all day with maybe just a snack of popcorn or ice cream, which are available all over the park. (Try a roast turkey leg – they are as big as ostrich legs). The restaurants are absolutely heaving at lunch time, so if you need to eat a meal during the day, try and stagger your eating time to before or after the hours of twelve to two pm.

A good time to go on rides without so many queues, is while the parades are on in the morning, afternoon and evening. The daytime parades are both the same so you will not need to see both. Also, take advantage of the Fast Park tickets at the very popular rides such as Pirates of the Carribbean, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. There are ticket machines at the ride entrances to obtain these tickets. Another good time is either first thing in the morning or late at night when a lot of people have either not arrived yet or already gone home.

A good tip is to go to the rides furthest away from the entrance first and work back. When you go gift shopping, rather than carry your purchases around with you all day, ask the assistant to have them waiting for you at the park entrance at the end of your visit. BUT, do remember to collect them! If you find you have forgotten to buy something you wanted in the park, do not despair, you can visit the Disney World shop in the Downtown Disney Shopping area which is free of charge.

Just remember to enjoy yourself, that is the best tip I can give you. Leave your inhibitions at the gate and prepare to be entertained.

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