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Visiting the Parks Part 3 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Days Out

Before we have visited the Parks we will have gone through the Park literature to find out the opening, show and parade times. We will also have decided what rides we want to go on and worked out a rough schedule.

Once we get to the Park we check the wait times for each ride. These can usually be found at a central place in the Park where you will find a listing for all rides with their current wait times. If you are not sure where this is ask a member of staff. Wait times can change for instance waits can be very short early in the day but much longer in the evening. As you go around the Park the wait times will also be at the entrance to each ride.

It is often a good idea to go straight to the back of the Park and work your way forward as most visitors start at the front!

To save some lengthy waits certain rides have a FastPass option (this is indicated on your site map which you can get at the entrance of the park and in the shops). Fastpass is free, and it gives you a time to come back for the ride and you can “jump the queues”. The only downside to these passes is that it tends to make the normal queue even longer - so try and use the FastPass as much as you can where there is one. You will see the Fastpass machines near the entrance to the rides. When you approach a FASTPASS Attraction you will see 2 clocks. The first one will tell you how long the normal wait time is, if you got in line right then. The other clock tells you what time you should return if you got a Fastpass ticket now-simply insert your entrance ticket and it will print out the time for return, it gives you a half hour slot to come back. Each member of your party must have a Fastpass if you want to enjoy the ride together, unless of course one of your party is under 3. Once your Fastpass time has arrived, return to the attraction and get in the line for Fastpass holders. Be sure to have your ticket out and ready to show the Cast Member. Further along in the waiting area, a Cast Member will actually take your Fastpass ticket.

If you want to have a Character meal at the Park be sure to plan and book this well in advance as they are becoming increasingly popular. You can now have these at either breakfast lunch or dinner.

When visiting Epcot it is also advisable to book ahead if you want to dine in one of the countries in World Showcase.

If we go to Universal Studios we usually eat at Bubba Gump restaurant as we exit the Park. This is quite a large restaurant and we do not normally have to wait too long for a table.
More about Visiting the Parks in part 4.

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