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Disney World through the eyes of a two year old boy - Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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This year we had the great delight of taking our two year old Grandson to Disney World for the first time. He is actually 2years and 10 months – the exact same age his mother was at her first trip. Seeing Disney through his eyes is utterly magic, everything is REAL!

The first ride he did was, It’s a small world. He sat mesmerised then at the end announced it was, “Noisy”. (But then he is a boy and they are dolls). On to ride number two, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. When I took his mother, the ride was very disappointing. It featured the Wild Wood, which was very dark and frightening from the word go and we only saw Winnie the Pooh at the end. Now they have an all new ride and it’s light, bright and all about Pooh bear and his friends and Eddie loved it. His bedroom at home is Winnie the Pooh themed so he knew exactly who each character was.

We took him outside to meet and greet Winnie and Tigger and waited for 30 minutes watching small children being coaxed or carried to the characters. When our turn came, he rushed up to them with arms outstretched for a cuddle. The characters were brilliant, they hugged him, played with him and posed for some wonderful pictures. If you have small children then do spend the time to do this it is priceless.

The most successful ride for him was the Speedway Race Track. He not only got to ride in a racing car but he got to sit behind the wheel and steer. He could hardly see over the bonnet of the car but his father just said, “left Eddie, right Eddie” and he managed really well.

Another favourite was Buzz Lightyear, where he rode in car and shot aliens with a ray gun – he even beat my score – how humiliating! He decided he did not want to ride on Prince Charming’s Carousel saying, “No, I might get giddy”.

Under the sea – Ariels Journey went down well too, he loved the talking fishes. Another good bet for the little ones, is The Country Bears Jamboree, he clapped along to the music and was fascinated by the talking moose on the wall.

We then went into Adventure Land and to the Pirates of the Caribbean. He loves pirates and was looking forward to seeing them, but no sooner had the ride started than he climbed on to his mother’s lap and said, ”I want to go home now”.

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