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Only in Orlando – Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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The thing I find most fascinating about Orlando in Florida is that you will see so many really unusual things there that you will never see anywhere else in the world.

Where else could you see salads for two people served up in bowls the size of washing up bowls and cocktails served up in glasses as big as mixing bowls for a full size Christmas cake – only in Orlando!

Asking for a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone and receiving one with THREE in it is a bit confusing too. Reading a restaurant menu and deciding on a steak and on ordering it to then be asked, “8oz, 10 oz, 12oz or 16oz? Which salad would you like with that? What type of dressing? What type of potato – baked, fried or sweet potato AND what would you like in your baked potato, butter, sour cream or all the ‘fixings’? – mind blowing, but only in Orlando!

Where else can you still see the Beatles play (Epcot World Show Case - England)) along side men in Red Kilts playing rock and roll (Epcot World Show Case – Canada) – only in Orlando!

How about grown men and women sitting in a small theatre watching bears sing! Also, sitting in the audience behind obviously just married couples in shorts and T-Shirts with the man in a top hat and the woman in a wedding veil attached to white Mickey Mouse ears – only in Orlando!

Of course who could forget watching dead people sing and dance (Graveyard Rock Revue – Universal Studios) or Marilyn Monroe gliding past on a giant comic style vehicle accompanied by Olive Oyl, Popeye and Fred Flintstone (Universal Studios) – only in Orlando!

Watching authentic Native American Indians wrestling alligators is quite a sight too as are alligators being hand fed –(Gatorland Zoo).

As an English person living on the South Coast I am quite used to seeing foxes or seagulls raiding rubbish bins for food, but in Orlando I am now used to seeing vultures raiding rubbish bins with others sitting on the roofs of villas waiting for the rubbish men to come and empty the bins and hopefully leave some goodies in the road for them to eat.

All together now – Only in orlando!

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