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Rent a Dodge Durango - Orlando / Florida Guide

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We always find that the car that you rent whilst in Florida becomes a large part of your vacation experience. Most of us can almost certainly remember the differing types of vehicles that we have rented over the years whilst enjoying the sun and fun of Florida.

During our last trip we chose to once again rent a 4X4 as one of two cars selected for our vacation, using the Alamo rent a car service available through this website. We arrived at Orlando airport between international flights which meant the desks were nice and quiet and we could be served straight away. A swift exchange of information, then handing over our car hire voucher, we were given the keys to an almost new silver Durango 4. 7L SXT 4x4.

The model supplied to us had the new Flex-Fuel V8 engine giving the option of using what is known as E85 fuel. This is a blend of ethanol and petrol and is supposed to provide a more efficient fuel burn, both cleaner and more economic. Flex fuel engines do allow regular unleaded fuel to be used though so do not worry if you receive a hire car with the Flex-Fuel symbol displayed on it. Our vehicle returned about 18 miles to the gallon on a run.

The attribute that hits you almost immediately is the massive amount of space available in the Durango. The vehicle has 3 rows of seats which is capable of carrying up to 8 passengers, actually one more than most people movers (mini vans). We are a family of four so the main cabin gave us plenty of comfortable space with dual air conditioners great for riders in the rear) and very comfortable seating. For the most part we stowed the rear row of seats (they fold into the floor) providing for the most enormous stowage area easily accommodating our 4 suit cases, hand luggage, and of course shopping!

Driving the Durango provides a very smooth and refined ride and the engine is not at all imposing on the cabin. When needed, although rarely, a tap on the accelerator generates a gentle V8 roar and the vehicle despite its size and weight responds effortlessly. The quiet cabin makes the high quality in-car stereo system even more of a pleasure to listen to. GM cars tend to be supplied with good quality systems and coupled with the MP3 connector is a great hit with the teenagers.

Once behind the driving seat you are immediately aware of the extra height and superb all round visibility. This increased vision is very useful when navigating around Florida and positions you at the same height of the abundance of high rise vehicles in the USA. The height of the Durango also makes it very easy to manoeuvre as there are no blinds spots and each corner of the car can be clearly seen from within the vehicle.

Certainly worth renting if you get the opportunity.

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