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The best month to visit Florida. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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I am often asked what time of year is the best to visit Florida. Well, I decided I would discuss it with you and see if we can get a consensus.

Let us go through the months one by one

JANUARY So nice to get away from the U. K. winter and get some sun. Also, if you have had a busy, stressful Christmas and New Year you will need a break. January is fairly quiet so virtually no queues anywhere.

FEBRUARY still not too hot for those that do not like high temperatures. Also, school half term always falls in february so you can sneak a week a make a nice fortnight in the sun and fun.

MARCH if Easter falls in march then obviously you can incorporate the bank holidays into your dates and use fewer of your holiday allowance days. Weather is warming up and pleasant.

APRIL you are very likely to get the Easter dates in this month so see above. Lots of Easter fun everywhere. It is busy.

MAY I love may; the weather is great and you can start the summer off with a bit of a tan. Half term usually falls in the last week of may so you can add a sneaky week and take the children away.

JUNE for those who want some guaranteed heat than june is a good choice and not so busy as july or august.

JULY well of course those long sunny days and warm nights make the most of your holiday. School breaks up around the 20th (or even earlier)

AUGUST again, one of the hotter months. Because everywhere is air conditioned and Florida does not get dusty you are not as conscious of the rising temperatures as you would be in Spain, for instance.

SEPTEMBER is a neglected month but such a good time to go. Still nice and hot but not at all busy in the parks, shops and restaurants. It is an overlooked fact that Halloween nights start in the main parks in september.

OCTOBER Halloween is in full swing everywhere and if you have not experienced an American Halloween, then you should. Try to go in the first fornight; half term is mostly at the end of october so another opportunity to try my sneaky extra week trick.

NOVEMBER is another overlooked month but a really good time to go. The Christmas parades and lights start in the parks but they will not be busy and flights are usually a better price.

DECEMBER everything I said about november applies to the first 2 weeks in december. And of course, Christmas itself is pretty magical and everyone should go at that time once in their life.

So my top tip? well if you will allow me two, I am going to say september if you want guaranteed high temperatures or november if you are happier with it a bit cooler. But really, anytime is a good time to visit the Sunshine State!

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