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Preparing for your holiday in Florida - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Hints and Tips

A few tips to ensure you will have an easy journey to your holiday to Florida.

First, you must now have completed an ESTA visa form on-line or at a travel agents to be able to gain entry into the USA.

If you are taking up a rental car and driving to your accommodation, you will pass toll booths so do have plenty of small change or low denomination notes to pay these.

At the airport, the restrictions on fluids is still in place and must not exceed 100ml in a container taken in your hand luggage. All items of liquids such as perfume and even lipsticks must still be carried in a separate clear polythene bag. If you have this ready to hand as you enter the departure lounge it will speed your way through. Do also make sure any hand luggage fits into the bag sizers at the front of passport control. If they are too big they will not be allowed through and you will have to go back to the check- in desk and start all over again to check the offending baggage into the hold. All airlines are very strict on weight now, so do weigh everything at home first and if possible put as much as you can in your pockets, they do not, as yet, weigh people! (Mind you, there is talk that it will come soon) Try to leave some weight room for gifts and clothes you will almost certainly buy in Florida.

Once on the aircraft, take everything you need on the journey out of the bags you want to put in the overhead luggage bins so you do not have to keep getting up and down to get things out of your bag. Take plenty of non alcoholic liquid during the flight to avoid dehydration, every 20 minutes is what the crew take. And do remember for every unit of alcohol you drink, under a pressurised cabin your body will react as if you have had 2 units. If you are renting a car when you arrive or arriving back in the UK at the end of your holiday, remember how much you have drunk and DOUBLE it. The Americans have an almost zero tolerance to drink driving and that would get your holiday off to a very bad start if you were stopped for drink/driving on your way to your accommodation.

On arriving in the USA please make sure you have filled in all the appropriate forms correctly, you would be amazed at how many people get to the customs desk and are held up (not to mention the long queue behind them) because they have not read the instructions on filling in the customs declaration forms.

If you have a car rental do be very careful when leaving the airport to drive on the correct side of the road and beware if you take one of the many U- turns available on the highways to LOOK THE CORRECT WAY, it is easy to look the wrong way when you come from England. Never exceed the speed limit, they have overhead helicopters who report to police cars below and they will stop you and you will have to pay an on the spot fine.

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