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Car hire and Driving in Florida - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Car hire and driving in Florida

Car hire really is a must when visiting Orlando, although you can get around with buses and other transport it is very limiting.

If you are having a car always make sure you have got your Uk driving licence (both parts) and a Visa Both are necessary

Cars in Orlando are very easy to drive as they are automatic, and even if you have never driven an automatic car before you will find it very easy.

Car hire is the most affordable way to get around but there are a few steps to know before you collect your car. Always get your car from a reliable car hire company, such as the one connected to this web site.

So you have arrived in Florida and now have to go to the car hire company to pick up the car. At Orlando international you just go to level 1 where all the car hire company’s are located, you join the queue for the company you have reserved your car with, when the representative calls you forward you give them your voucher.

One tip be very firm with the representative as these people get paid commission and do some times go into the hard sell and try to get you have upgrades and more insurance you simply will not need. if you have taken out a comprehensive package with the company on the link I have given you should not have to pay anything more. I think they know you are tired after a long flight and want to get to your accommodation but please be firm otherwise you will be shocked when you get home to a large visa bill.

Ask for a road map at the car hire they do give these out for free

Once you have your car familiarise your self with the car Ie where the indicators are, the controls ect.
Check your directions to your accommodation.

(When booking our villa we do give detailed directions to the villa) but if you are staying at a hotel get your directions from say map quest before you leave the UK.

A few tips to remember when driving are traffic lights are strung overhead and not on poles at the side of the road as in the UK. At a red light you can turn right if there is no traffic coming from the left other than if it says ”no turn on red” you do have the right of way when turning left with a green arrow but always use caution.

I have been told buy a policeman that most accidents happen to overseas visitors happen on left turns so please be aware. A flashing amber light at a junction means take care. We have found that a lot of locals do run the red lights but at this time cameras are being installed at lights to try to stop this so always take care.

I hope this helped and you do enjoy the experience of driving in Florida

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