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Why choose Florida for your Vacation Part one - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Hints and Tips

When I first started out writing this guide I thought it would be a tough assignment but once I had got started I managed to get it finished in double quick time as there are so many reasons to vacation in Florida

Let’s face it especially for us Brits it has to be the weather! ! ! The weather in Florida is amazing I never fail to be surprised when I roll out of bed and the sun is shining brightly, when you live in the UK you often get up in the morning thinking it must still be the night cause it’s so dark and depressing, not so in Florida EVERY morning the sun is shining brightly

Yes you heard me correctly FITNESS! how can this be you ask? well this has to do with the weather once again, how many times have you supposed to be going on a run, or practice a sport such playing tennis etc. in the UK and the weather is dark wet cold or raining, come on admit it how many times have you thought I can be bothered because of the weather

This simply doesn’t happen in Florida, I have to admit that I always get the urge to do some form of exercise or training when I am visiting Florida it just feels like a healthy place

Health I hear you say that can’t be many people are overweight in the USA and many tourists tend to overeat when they visit the all you can eat buffet eateries, well yes once again you are correct but the food in Florida can be exceptionally healthy if you think about what you eat

How many people have eaten a bland tasteless salad or fruit in the UK, fruit and vegetable sold via a chain of well know supermarkets flown half way round the world, well visit a local supermarket such as Publix in Florida this is a whole different experience

The fruit and veg is FRESH, they even water some of their salad produce, not only that but a lot of it is local or from the USA or countries close to it, Florida has a very good climate for growing fruit and many of the orange groves sell their produce in stalls by the roadside

The fruit and veg available is superb and full of flavour it actually makes you want to eat healthily, the lettuce is crisp, tomatoes are ripe and full of taste and then there the sweet onions mmmm yummy. Yes in Florida food is very healthy if you chose sensibly

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