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Saving money for your holiday: clothes and gifts. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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So you have already saved a mint on food and have a healthy amount in the piggy bank. Now here are some more ideas.

Commit to whole year of not buying any clothes (but still get new things to wear) How can that be done?

Well, it is quite easy; get all your friends and work mates together and hold a clothes swap party.

Everyone brings their unwanted clothes and accesories round and you all have a merry evening trying on other peoples clothes and go home with an arm ful of new things to wear.

You can hold a similar event to swap D. V. D. S and C. D. s games for the games systems. This will provide free entertainment for several months.

Go right through the house and pick out all your unwanted items (you wil be amazed at how much you amass) A good rule of thumb is thatif you have not used it or worn it for a full year' you do not need it.

Some items will be suitable for putting on E Bay and pack the rest up for a car boot sale. Research a little beforehand to find the one with the best foot fall.

We have made up to £400 doing a car boot and you are usually done by 1 p. m. Whatever is left over ca be taken to another sale or just donated to the charity shop.

And while on the subject of car boot sales it is well worth getting up early on a sunday morning to attend one. You can find almost everything you want at at a fraction of the new cost.

If you have not been in a charity shop for a while, do try them. They are full of good stuff and no longer have that stale smell they used to suffer from.

If you are eligible for a bus pass use it. You save petrol and parking money and you get to meet people. I have a friend who has worked out a route from her home to her daughters that saves her over £40 every time.

Resolve to get together with friends and family and set a limit on Christmas gifts; maybe £10 for instance. Less pressure on buying the gifts as well.

Join your library; it is free and a pleasant place to visit. Watch out for the return dates; you will not want to eat up all your savings with a hefty fine.

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