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Keeping safe in the pools and water parks - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Hints and Tips

In your villa you will most likely have a pool. If it is private then there will be nobody to look after you so do be careful. All rental accommodations have to have, either alarmed doors and windows leading to the pool area or gates and fencing round the pool by law. It is also an offence to tamper with the wiring from the alarms however annoying they may be.

Here are a few simple rules to keep you safe :

Never fool around in a pool if you are drunk

Never take glasses or china to the pool area

Never swim naked or (women) topless (Americans will be offended and may report you to the police)

Never, ever leave small children unattended or in the care of other older children

There have been some tragedies that you may have read about where small children have been drowned in private pools because one or more of these rules have not been followed – please, please don’t become the next article in the newspaper.

In villas on communities that have a communal pool, there will usually be a lifeguard but do not rely on him/her to take care of your children – they still need constant attention.

In water parks there are many lifeguards who have very strict rules of behaviour. Any fooling around may seem innocent enough to you, but can lead to very serious injuries or worse. They will not tolerate any of this behaviour and can and will force you to leave the park with no refund.

It is unwise to drink alcohol in the water parks as this can be when you let your guard down and get a bit too high spirited. Some of the wave machine pools can be very dangerous if you are not in full control of all your faculties or if you are not a very good swimmer.

On the subject of wave pools, these are really only for very strong swimmers and are rather dangerous for little ones or those who do not swim very well. Never try and hang onto the walls as this too can be dangerous. The nicest thing for weak swimmers are the lazy river rides, but even here no fooling around is permitted. Florida has a good safety record for water parks and they want to keep it that way

Do not wear jewellery chains (especially neck chains) on the slides that do not have rubber rings to use as they can get caught in the slide with obvious repercussions.

Do obey all the instructions given by the lifeguards, they are for your own and everybody else’s safety.

Go, have fun, but keep safe.

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