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How to save holiday money on food. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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We are living through difficult time; we really are. But you still need your holiday; right? And if you are going away you want to go to Florida.

So how can you cover the cost painlessly? Here are a few ideas.

Forego your daily Starbucks; this can save around £1000a year. Also take a packed lunch (with a flask for hot drinks) to work. This saves us around £4000 a year.

Clip the coupons from magazines and products and use them. clamp them together and put them in your regular shopping bag. There are dedicated people who get their supermarket bill down to almost nothing.

Do not buy ready meals; spend half a day prepping a few meals at the weekend. Roast a large chicken on a sunday and use leftovers for a risotto one day and soup the bones for another. A kilo of beef mince makes a basic mix that you can divide up and freeze for shepherds pie, spag bol, chili and the like.

A survey shows that we throw away 30% of all the food we buy. Plan and shop carefully and consider every evening how we can use up foods nearing the sell by date.

Check out the B. O. G. O. Fs in your supermarket and stock up on the things you use. If you have the time visit several stores to cherry pick the best offers.

Discover Aldi and Lidl; no frills and limited choice but the quality is good and the savings are deep. Watch the time; our local branches will fine you if you stay over the allowed time.

Own brands and basic varieties are mostly cheaper and your family will not tell the difference.

Don' t do a food shop when you are hungry; you are more tempted to fil your trolley with treats. Also, make a ist and stick to it.

Find out when your store reduces its fresh produce; mostly this is an hour or two for the deepest cuts.

Invest in a slow cooker; you can pile cheaper cuts and some veggies and stock in the morning and come home to a tasty meal.

Have a strictly veggie day twice a week; it is the meat part of the meal that costs the most money.

If you live near a Cosco become a member and make good savings on large packs. Get together with a friend and split them up. You can aso use your Cosco card in Florida.

We aim to provide accurate and useful information, but if you feel anything provided here is not accurate or out of date, please email us with the address of the page concerned and any comments so we can amend as necessary.

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