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The name resonates with the idea of royalty, which would be quite evident once you reach this land of diverse historical richness, intriguing cuisine and beaches, and mountains to sweep you off your feet.

Turkey’s history dictates a combination of the familiar with the exotic because, since the inception of its recorded history, the country has been invaded and settled from every direction. Consequently, the colonizers have had a prominent impact on the country’s lifestyle choices, combining those of the Mediterranean, Middle East, the Balkans and Central Asia. The Turkey tour packages mostly include those of the western part of the country, which is also the most economically developed portion of Turkey. It is said that it might take weeks to even brush the surface of the old imperial capital, Istanbul. The straits linking the Black and Marmara seas are still dominating the country as its commercial and cultural hub. The two major monumental and most regal attractions, Bursa and Edirne, nestle with grandeur facing each other from either side of the Marmara Sea.

Another noteworthy attraction for which Turkish landscapes are revered is the Asian Anatolia, where the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline steals the show while Cappadocia' s ' fairy chimney' rock formations and wavy valleys hold a magical profundity that goes unrivaled. There are endless ways to praise the astounding beauty of the Ottoman Empire, be it its outdoor adventures’ adrenaline rushes or its culinary delicacy, the diverse land of influential culture is a magnet for people yearning for finesse. The Turkey tour packages are diverse enough to suit the needs of both wealthy and not-so-wealthy travelers. If you have a knack of exploring the unknown and mindlessly getting lost in a foreign land with no limited touring sites, then Turkey is your go-to place. Moreover, you would always find delicious Turkish specialties to caress your appetite after a long day of exploration.

A cup of Turkish coffee, remembered for 40 years. With its delicious foam and wonderful aroma, there is no drink quite like Turkish coffee. Served in small but delicious doses, the calorie and caffeine count in a cup of Turkish coffee are moderate, meaning you can enjoy it more often.

Turkish coffee grounds, can be read to tell one' s fortune. The wonderful taste of Turkish coffee has been bringing people together for centuries, inspiring countless works of art and having a profound influence on culture.

One of the traditions that should be fulfilled in Turkey is to see the preparation of Turkish coffee and surely taste it. Therefore, this beverage made from Arabica coffee grounds is healthier than most coffee types.

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