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Drive from West Palm Beach to Naples. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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After four day’s in West Palm Beach we took to the road again, this time the 441 south towards Fort Lauderdale, we were on our way to the gulf coast and to the resort of Naples.

On route we found ourselves skirting around Fort Lauderdale to the west to link up with highway 75 that would take us across the Everglades including Alligator alley and then on into Naples.

Interstate 75 is the longest intersate highway in the state of Florida, starting at Hialeah just north of Miami, it parallels the 95 then turns west along the Alligator Alley toll road to cross the Everglade swamp.It is also known as the Everglade parkway.

On Joining the 75 and driving through the Everglades you leave civilization behind, and apart from the vehicles on the same side of the road and elementary service stations the 75 is a very long, straight road through low lying flat landscapes of green vegetation, you are separated from this swampland by a 6 foot chain link fence on both sides of this road that extends the full length of the highway and during the middle of this journey you drive along a stretch of road of about 30 miles aptly called Alligator Alley where even at speeds of 50mph large Alligaters can easily be spotted longing on the sandbanks of the swamps, like giant charcoal logs left behind after a forest fire.

There is a small theme park called Joe Swamp where you can enjoy a good few hours on low lying hover boats and a theme shop and restaurant dedicated to the everglades and the Alligaters and to the area in general.

Although we chose not to do this at this time as it would eat into much of the day did speak to some people who have been there and most considered it very good value and if you are not restricted by time well worth a visit.

This long straight unending highway that stretches like a ribbon through this flat uninviting landscape eventually brings us back to normality and when you eventually arrive in Naples it is such a vast contrast.

A very interesting journey and so nice to see the alligators in their wild habitat and at a safe distance.The largest alligator ever recorded in Florida was 17 feet 5 inches long (5.3 meters). That’s some BIG alligator.

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