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Trip to Niagara - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Last time we where at our villa, we decided that we would take a trip to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side, something that we really had wanted to see for a long time.

Our trip began at Orlando International Airport on a flight to Atlanta Airport where we had an hour and a half break before we caught our next flight to Buffalo, upon arrival at Buffalo Airport, we had arranged a surprise for our families and hired a Limo to take us on over the bridge to Niagara itself. Our flight was delayed so we arrived in Niagara at around 12. 30am so the lights on the falls were off and although we could hear the noise of the waterfall, we could not see them, so we retired to our hotel.

Next day, we had arranged for a guided tour, we had our breakfast at Perkins and then returned to the hotel to wait for the tour bus, what a fantastic way to see what is offered in Niagara, we visited the Spanish Cable Car, over the Whirlpool, went up one of the towers to get an aerial view of the falls and rode the Maid of the Mist, which is not so much a mist, but a torrent. We found out about the abandoned boat in the shallows just before the falls, and some of the history of the people who went over the falls in barrels, who survived and who didn’t.

That night we went a walk down to the falls to watch the fireworks and to see the falls lit up in red, white and blue, what a fantastic sight with the reflection of the fireworks in the water, the changing light playing on to the falls and the eerie colours of the lights on the mist, a night to remember and well worth the trip from Florida.

The next day saw our trip back, just time for a walk down to breakfast and a last visit to the falls before getting back to our hotel for the Limo trip back to Buffalo, the traffic on the bridge was at a standstill, it is really amazing looking at the speed that the river travels whilst we were waiting for the bridge traffic to move, that anyone falling in, or using an un-powered boat can go against that current, but, our driver tells us that when he was younger, he and his friends used to swim right by the bridge, you would have to pay a lot of money to get me in there, anyway, luckily our driver had allowed for the bridge traffic and arranged to pick us up in good time to make our flight, got to the airport in good time and caught our flight to Atlanta, changed flight and on to Orlando.

I would recommend that you Visit Niagara Falls, a site to remember for all of your life.

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