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Toronto - Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Toronto is the capital of Ontario, Canada, and sits on the North-West of Lake Ontario. Currency is the Canadian dollar and the average high temperature in June is 25c and the average low is 13c.

En route from the airport, the sunbaked highway is swallowed up by rows and rows of high-rises, a toothy cityscape of towers and cranes biting at the cerulean sky.

Construction is a sign of a city on the up. But we're here to sample something expanding even more rapidly than Toronto’s upward urban aspect. The burgeoning restaurant scene is the talk of touring gastronomes the world over. If you love North America but prefer some genuine European personality to our cities, Toronto is cleaner, cooler and cosmopolitan.

In the age of Fire and Fury, Toronto is the picture of its liberal values and immigrant integration. And as the culinary cognoscenti among you know, this level of diversity makes for some very good eating. Indeed, nothing cooks up cheffy creativity quite like a well-tended cultural melting pot. This one has been on the simmer for some time. To be Torontonian is to be from elsewhere. To be Torontonian, then, is to fill your plate at a veritable buffet of international cuisines.

Like Canada’s own Michael Bubble, the city’s history is short but intense. Toronto’s three rivers cut through the land as surely as it does its past. It was with this water – upon imports and exports, waterfront businesses and landfill drudgery- that Toronto’s was founded, all booze foods, fuels and factories. It’s a mirror for the strong Canadian sunshine.

On our first night, we sample Canadian cuisine at its most high-end. And never has that phrase been more apposite than when describing Canoe, a restaurant that sits entirely aloft Toronto on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower. The view hits you like a bucket of ice-cold Ontarian water to the face. It’s hard to focus on the food with such spectacle vying for attention.

It is at the Saturday Farmers’ market at Evergreen Brickworks that I find some of the foragers supplying restaurants like Canoe. Just a short hop out of town, this is the place to gorge on specialities from street-food-style stalls and fill your basket with ingredients. Made or dug up within a small radius. The most far-flung stuff originating 300km away ( a short hop by Canadian metrics), but most a lot closer, the site itself – a characterful old brickworks – is worth a visit in its own right.

End of part1, continued part 2

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