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You come home late at night or pop back during the day and you are peckish but not hungry enough to eat a full meal.

Here are some ideas of what to shop for to satisfy these longings.

First look in the freezer section of your local Walmart (or similar) and you will notice that there are lots of ready made items to pop in the microwave or toaster. Sweet or savoury; your choice. Within minutes you can have a hot, tasty snack on your plate.

Next put some sliced bread in the freezer so you always have some ready for toast. Buy the sort that the store have sliced themselves rather than the ready sliced pap.

Now you can knock up beans on toast or cheese on toast or eggs or whatever else your heart desires. You can get marmite in some of the shops also.

Peanuts and trail mix are good for the munchies; I find a good place to buy these is at Dollar Tree. You can get a medium size bag of trail mix or an outer of 5 mini peanut packs for, of course, a dollar. They also have some packs of cheese filled biscuoits(there are 6 mini packets per pack. Buy your family sized crisps (chips) at the supermarket.

I also like to keep a few smoothies in the fridge; these are satisfying and light and I have found the nicest ones are sold in Aldi. If your villa owner has supplied a blender you can quickly knock up some home made smoothies. Bananas, yoghurt, bluberries and ice whizzed together makes a healthy and scrumptious drink.

Cereal bars are a fairly recent addition to our diet and they are also good to pop in your pocket when you go out. The aisles are full of a wide variety but do look at the ingredients or calorie content if this is important to you.

And while we are talking about cereal bars a favourite with my children is a bowl of cornflakes with ice cold milk all topped with a sliced banana and some raisins.

With a little forethought you can have a good stash of tempting snacks on hand and certainly stave off a tantrum from a hungry child who just cannot wait a moment longer.

I hope you like some of these ideas and if you take your chosen snack with a long drink out on the deck you have a few minutes of bliss. These are the moments you will remember long after your vacation has ended

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