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How to stop sea sickness – Part 4 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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On or just before departure put on your pressure bands if this is your option. Just as with a ship, on an aircraft, the best place to sit is in the centre, between the wings. If you start feeling queasy the best place is to get fresh air on deck and look at the horizon. On an aircraft, try to lie back and close your eyes; listen to some music to provide a distraction. Keep away from the galley to minimise exposure to food smells. You might feel calmer in an aisle seat so you can readily get out for a visit to the toilet if needed but balance this against being able to see out the window.

After you have started the journey if you suddenly realise you should have taken a pill and now need one, hyoscine, preferably a melt in the mouth form is your best bet. Some airlines and ships have them on offer but don’t rely on this. Once the nausea has started most preparations are ineffective. Even if you feel fine, resist eating everything and anything just because it’s free. Choose high carbohydrate foods and sip at sugary drinks, but don’t take in a big volume. Watching a film is an excellent distraction but reading can bring on nausea because you tend to have your head at a downward angle. If you start feeling queasy, try to focus on a distant view.

If you are in the middle of the journey and the sea is starting to swell and you feel a little queasy then it is best to get some fresh air. Certainly, try to get away from other people who are vomiting. Nibbling on a ginger biscuit can help settle the stomach. If you are sick, this will probably make you feel better in the short term. Don’t then eat a proper meal. If you feel hungry, go for light, minimal nibbles. If you vomit more than once, try taking sips of a drink containing sugar, but avoid anything containing milk. Ribena and apple juice are best because they are sugary, so quickly absorbed from the stomach. Lying down, eyes closed, listening to some favourite music, is often the best therapy.

Once you get to the end of your journey the symptoms almost always subside as soon as you get off the boat or plane but don’t then rush to gobble down a big meal. Start with plain light food. You should be fit to drive but use common sense. If you have been ill or are dehydrated, allow some rehydration and recovery time. If you’re facing a return journey that you expect to be just as traumatic, try to get hold of some scopolamine patches, they are available over the counter without a prescription in the US. Also, identify a source of palatable ginger to nibble on, you could try crystallised ginger as it is a delicious remedy for nausea.

Just remember that the more you do this the better it becomes; normally.

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