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Kentucky: a road trip through the state - Part 35 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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If you have managed to work your way through all the other articles in this trip then at this point I feel I must own up to a slight use of artistic licence.

Kentucky is quite a small state which is what made this trip possible without investing too many weeks of our time; however some of the places that we wanted to visit were not as close as would be ideal. So while I have grouped together things with a common theme like Blue Grass music or distilleries we did visit some of these out of sequence due to their locations.

The reason I mention this here is that the next few sections in the set of articles is all about a number of places that we visited over the whole state and they only fit into their own grouping rather than a specific location or area. This included many arts and crafts places, the covered bridges throughout the state as well as many historical sites that we came across.

I thought I would deal with them now before we entered the final part of our trip to the Shaker Village and then the Daniel Boone National Park. So the first topic is arts and crafts but what you ask are the local arts and crafts for this area?

Kentucky has become known for its quilts, pottery, woodcarvings, dulcimers, hand-woven blankets and a number of other small handcrafted products. You can just admire the works and skills of traditional or contemporary artists and artisans or purchase what is often a unique souvenir of your visit. You will find places where there are a collections of creative galleries and studios but please do not ignore the small lone workshop which can hide some real treasures.

I will start this section in Lexington as that was the last place we had visited before I go on the cover the rest of the state.

Artique has two locations in downtown Lexington and carries the work of hundreds of different artists. They have everything from fine jewellery to birdhouses.

Rachel Savane, in her downtown shop, crafts wearable art from silver and gemstones. Her signature line features the colourful and varied Kentucky Agate which is the official state rock.

If you' re interested in a handmade quilt stop at Quilter' s Square. In well as selling quilt making and smocking supplies the owner Mary Charles sells quilts on consignment that have been made in the local area.

If you want to create your own piece of art then stop at Hallock' s Stained Glass. Laura Haddock has individual bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from handcrafted lamp worked beads. She also has suncatchers, night lights and small panel motifs. If you have time you can attend a one day workshop and complete your own stained glass project.

The next section of our trip looks further across the state and continues in part 36

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