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How to stop sea sickness – Part 3 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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If you think or know you that you may have a problem then do not waiting until the last minute before you do something as it always better to prevent the problem rather than trying to cure it.

A year to a month before departure start your planning. If you are planning to go on a cruise make sure you have booked a cabin in the middle of the ship and on a middle deck. A balcony is better if you can get it because you will always be able to see the horizon. Another reason is that this part of the ship is the pivot point and therefore moves the least in any direction. Just think about a child’s seesaw, if you sit in the middle you don’t move very much.

If you have suffered badly in the past, make an appointment to see your GP. Ask them if hyoscine hydrobromide, also known as scopolamine, patches might be appropriate for you. It will take each one about six hours to start working and they last around 72 hours. If you believe your motion sickness has a suggestible or learned element to it, that is, just thinking about travel makes you feel a bit queasy, then hypnosis might be worth trying. It is one of the options that can work well for some people but have no effect on others. Some people opt for learning acupressure techniques which you can do yourself or by using wrist bands with studs on your pressure points. You can see these for sale in most airports and cruise terminals. If you have had acupuncture before and it has worked for you then these bands may be a good option.

A week before departure head to the pharmacy/chemist as there are several good over the counter medicines that as also available. Some are rapid onset and short-acting, such as hyoscine which you can find in products like Joy Rides or Kwells. These are good if you take the wait and see how I am approach before using the tablets. There are also longer acting antihistamines such as cinnarizine, found in Sturgeon, which is best taken well before the start of the journey and can be taken every eight hours and this is best for long voyages.

Around 6 hours before departure check the weather forecast. Take your first dose of cinnarizine if you’ve decided to use an antihistamine. Stick to light, readily digestible food and don’t fill your stomach with fluids. The more that’s in there, the more it splashes around and the more can come up. If you are using wrist bands, make sure these are accessible and not packed in your hold luggage.

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