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Restaurant Guide - Cheesecake Factory - Orlando / Florida Guide

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One of our favourites places to eat (my goodness, there are so many! ) is the Cheesecake Factory.

We had tried the one in San Francisco, the one in Las Vegas and the one in Hawaii and were determined to give it a shot in Orlando. In the other ones, however, we had simply bought some cheesecake (and I mean some cheesecake) so decided this time to give the lunch menu a whirl.

Accordingly, we set off feeling hungry and found the Cheesecake Factory at the Mall at Millennia and we were not at all disappointed.

On our first visit, we thought we would have a light lunch. Well, our version of a light lunch didn’t match the Cheesecake Factory’s! We ordered from the light lunch section and I chose the bowl of soup with a half a sandwich. Great, I thought, plenty of room for a cheesecake afterwards. Wrong! The bowl of soup was enormous and the half sandwich was so large, I couldn’t imagine they would have a plate big enough for the whole sandwich. Nevertheless, I bravely munched my way through it all, and it was truly delicious. No room for dessert, however!

Accordingly, on our second visit, I decided that I would go for a starter/appetizer and a dessert (I had my eye on a particularly wicked looking double chocolate cheesecake). What could I order, I thought, that would be light and leave plenty of room. Ah hah, I spotted something in the starter menu which I recognised – a bruschetta. I know this to be a small slice of French bread, with tomatoes on top. Great, methinks. Others with me decided to have the same thing, so it was 4 bruschettas all round. Do we want to share, asks the server? No way, a small slice of French bread is a small slice of French bread, and I wasn’t prepared to share this with anyone! We all ordered our cheesecakes as well, full of confidence that we would have plenty of room for these.

So, the bruschettas arrived. Each one consisted of a 12” garlic pizza base, piled high (and I mean really high) with chopped tomatoes, herbs, etc. It was absolutely humungous and we immediately saw why the server thought we might want to share! Not people to shirk a challenge, we tucked in and nearly managed to eat them all (but it took stamina, real stamina).

Would we like to have our desserts now, asks the server? Well, perhaps we might wait a little, we responded! We eventually found our second wind and challenged the desserts to a battle, and got the better of them. Delicious, scrumptious, gorgeous.

We waddled back to our car, no energy left for shopping, but having had one of the best meals ever.

I am now in training for my next visit to Orlando, when I am determined to manage 3 courses or die in the attempt!

Give it a try – you’ll love it.

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