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Best Buys in Orlando - Part 2 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Shopping

On the whole, every day clothes are very much cheaper in Orlando and not just for poor quality. Thick fleecy pyjamas for girls and women are under £10 and underwear is cheaper too. Luxury quality underwear for women at Victoria Secrets is slightly cheaper than at Marks and Spencer.

Shoes can be cheaper depending on the brand but be careful, some brands like Sketchers, are the same price in the UK. Luxury brands like Uggs are less than half the price than in the UK. A pair costing £250 in the UK are £119 in Orlando and that is including tax. Men’s shoes of a very good quality are almost half the price of similar ones in the UK.

Jewellery is probably the best bargain of all. Diamonds especially are a very good bargain and there are some very unusual designs completely unlike the ones we have in the UK. Even department stores sell diamonds at extremely reduced prices, they may not be the best quality but they are diamonds all the same and only a jeweller would know the difference.

Lap tops are only slightly cheaper and you must remember that the keyboard layout is different; there is no £ key and the @ is in a different place. But having said that there are some bargains to be had, but do be careful and do your research on prices in the UK first. You would of course be in a bit of a mess if it needed repair in the UK. You would have to find a local shop to repair it as the guarantee would only apply in America.

Cameras tend to be about the same price, so no savings there, and so are camcorders. All Apple products, iphones and ipods, lap tops and notebooks are about the same too. Plus you must always remember when you look at the marked price, you have to add 6. 5% or 7% tax at the till. (Tax varies from area to area)

Things like hairdressing is actually a lot more expensive in America so don’t wait until you get there to have a new hair style. On the other hand (pardon the pun) manicures and Acrylic nails are less than half the price.

Do not be tempted by all the cheap electrical goods. Most will not work in the UK as we are on a different voltage. Plug them in here and either you or it or even both will go bang! There are some items which have dual voltage control though, like curling tongs and some hairdryers and if you are really tempted, you can get voltage converters for those that are not dual.

Have fun and shop till you drop.

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