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Ride Guide – It’s Tough to be a Bug - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Ride Guide – It’s Tough to be a Bug

Put on your special bug eyes and join with some creep-crawly friends as you find that it is “Tough to be a Bug”. This 3D movie is hosted by Flik, the inventive ant from the Disney-Pixar film A Bug’s Life.

Throughout the film we learn about the life of some of the bugs out there and the important roles that they play within the animal kingdom. We also find out that the bugs are under threat from a really big enemy – humans!

Throughout the show, Flik tries to keep on top of things, but as you would expect things don’t necessarily go all his way. There are various different points where this causes interaction with the audience- be prepared to be attacked by wasps, sprayed with bug ‘acid’ and all sorts of other interactive elements designed to make the audience wriggle and jiggle in the seat. Some younger members of the audience may find that some of the interaction can be quite scary, so this is definitely something to be aware of before you decide whether to do It’s Tough to be a Bug or not. Also there are spiders which drop down from the ceiling at one point to try to grab audience members. For the younger or more sensitive (or anyone just plain scared of spiders) then this may be something which would make the show less enjoyable.

To keep us all entertained throughout the show there are also a selection of classic musical songs, all done with a bug twist, though. Some of the music is slightly obvious (The Flight of the Bumblebee, for example), many of the choices, however, are quite surprising and definitely keep the show up beat and moving along.

With being a 3D movie, this show is set inside its own special theatre. A big advantage of this is that it means air conditioned luxury! Given the shows position within the theme park right at the Tree of Life on the central island of Animal Kingdom, this could easily be a show that you think about doing as a resting spot on a hot and busy day.

This is an enjoyable 3D movie and definitely worth doing, perhaps because it is based on the Bugs Life film, which is arguably not as popular as other Disney-Pixar films, or perhaps because it is just about the insect world, this is one show that we don’t always do. It is definitely worth doing, however, to enjoy the 3D effects and the interactive surprises . . . especially right at the end of the film!

Ride Facts:

Minimum Height – None

FastPass – Yes

Single Rider – No

Location – Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Central Island, beside the Tree of Life

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