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Renting a car for the first time in Florida - Orlando / Florida Guide

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You may have heard horror stories about American car rental companies, so let me give you some very useful information to set your mind at rest.

When booking a rental car for your holiday always book it from the UK. The price will be much, much cheaper than booking from the airport when you arrive.

The best way to do this is to book your car hire from this site. Pick the size car you require, remembering that if you are a large party, a people carrier can be good idea, but although they have lots of seats they have very little luggage space so do allow for that

If you book in the UK you pay one fee and this will cover all your needs. Many rental companies will try and sell you extra insurance, trust me, you do not need it.

When you arrive at your destination airport in Florida, head for the rental company desk as soon as you can as queues build up quite quickly at the rental desks. You will have been sent or have printed out, a voucher for the collection of your car, have this voucher ready to present to the desk clerk along with the drivers license of ALL members of the party who will wish to drive. You will also need a credit card with which to pay for the petrol. Most cars will be given to you full and the company will inform you whether you are to return the car empty or full. If you have to return it full, do fill up near to the airport NOT at the airport as the price at the airport is very much higher than outside it.

Another thing the rental company will try, is to sell you an upgrade to a bigger car. If you have done your homework before booking you will not need it. Often they will try to sell you an upgrade if they do not have a car as small as you have booked. Just hold out for the size car you have booked because if they can not supply it, they will have to give you a bigger one without extra charge as it is their problem if they run out of small cars. My wife and I always book the smallest economy car and they try and sell us an upgrade but we always end up with the next size up as they do not have that many small economy cars. Don’t worry too much if you are offered a larger car and you don’t want it – petrol is much cheaper in the US than here so it wont cost much more to have a bigger car.

Happy motoring and enjoy the wide open roads of Florida, but do remember the speed limits, they are very strict and will they ALWAYS catch you!

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