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Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York – part 4 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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The hangar deck shows you both the equipment and the personnel side of Intrepid.

The Hangar Deck is probably where you will spend most of your time on board. The largest attraction is the 13, 000-square-foot interactive Exploreum, which was created specifically with families in mind. This, unlike other parts of the museum, is all about touching and interacting with the displays and objects. Children can climb into a rocking lifeboat or ' pilot' a helicopter; they can learn about gravitational pull on a pinball machine as well as a use a flight simulator.

As well as more planes and displays a long wall tells you all about the long history of the Intrepid. At this point there are a number of ways you can go. You can make your way up to the bow on The Gallery deck. This is located between the flight deck and hangar deck, the gallery deck features the ' Fo' c' s' le' with the anchor chain room, combat information centre, squadron ready room, ammo Handling and crew berthing for Officers, Junior officers and sailors.

On the Third deck you will have the chance to visit the general berthing space, crew mess and galley. It’s in the galley that you will find the café that I mentioned earlier. Although visitors are only allowed limited access to the Third and Galley Decks, you do get to see and feel how enlisted sailors lived, worked, dined and slept.

Once you have finished with Intrepid then the next stop will be the Submarine Growler. At this point it’s worth passing on a slight warning for people who suffer from claustrophobia or seasickness. If the wind is in the wrong direction or a large ship passes by then the Hudson River gets pretty choppy which can feel a little strange in such a confined space.

The Growler is a strategic missile boat and the tour through the vessel lets you see the mess hall, control room, attack centre and two torpedo rooms. It’s a fairly short tour but it does give you a good idea of the conditions that the crew working in for many months at a time.

At far end of the Pier, past the British Airways Concorde, you will find some tables and chairs. You can sit and have a nice waterfront view and if you have planned ahead it’s a great place, in nice weather, to eat that snack you brought with you.

So enjoy your visit to the Intrepid.

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