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Flying to Florida with US Airways Part 3 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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We are flying out to Fort Lauderdale via Charlotte with US Airways, on our way to pick up a cruise for my special birthday.

September 3rd, 2010 8. 50 am

The boarding gate fills up with people, and we sit and wait for our flight to be called. I take some photos of the ‘plane, then sit reading a newspaper and suddenly there is an announcement. It’s time to get on the plane.

Boarding commences and we quickly stow our hand luggage in the overhead lockers before settling down in our seats. It’s a 2 4 2 configuration, and we have been given bulkhead seats with extra legroom. The seats are leather and quite comfortable, and I place my newspaper, book, magazines and a bar of chocolate (emergency rations in case the food is dire! ) in the front pocket, with my new headphones at the ready – a birthday present from my husband which will improve the sound quality when I watch a video.

We settle into our seats and watch as the rest of the passengers board. The ‘plane looks pretty full, but we have bulkhead seats so we are very comfortable. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Passengers fill up the plane and we get chatting to a lady and gentleman in the bulkhead seats beside us. They missed their ‘plane yesterday as when they got to check in they discovered that their ESTA application had been filled in incorrectly. They had allowed the agent to process the application, and unfortunately their birth dates and passport expiry dates were accidentally transposed. Despite the best efforts of the check in girl there is nothing that can be done, and after a desperate try to get on the internet upstairs – which was not operational- they had to accept that they would not be going. It is a salutary warning to anyone travelling to the USA to make sure they check and double check their application. When the old green cards were being used it was no great problem if you made a mistake – you just went to the back of the line and tried again. Now you won’t even be allowed on the plane.

Luggage stowed, passengers seated, seat belts checked and seats in the upright position the captain orders the cabin crew to prepare for take-off. We pull back slowly, half an hour late, and join a long queue for the runway. A long wait ensues as we slowly creep towards the front of the long line of aircraft. It’s almost 50 minutes late now, but at last we turn a corner, the throttles are open and we hurtle down the runway. Goodbye, Gatwick. We have lift off!

In just eight and a half hours we will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and I can’t wait!

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