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First visit to Publix Supermarket Part One - Orlando / Florida Guide

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First visit to Publix Supermarket Part One

Well you probably read the title of this guide and though hmmm this sounds not very interesting ! If you visit one of our UK supermarkets regularly to do your weekly shop well I can tell you supermarkets in Florida are a whole different ballgame than your local shops

My first visit to Publix was probably on my third visit to Florida having previously stopped in a Disney resort we decided to save some money and for more flexibility to hire a Villa with another family that we were close friends with, and you do need to fill up the fridge!

I had seen the big green signs for Publix many times and we had driven up and down the HWY 192 and often wondered what they were like not being a fan of supermarket shopping back home in the UK I had avoided them

One evening we were coming back from a Disney park and needed some provisions and so had no way of avoiding the visit to the Supermarket and Publix just happened to be on our way home, we parked outside in what seemed like a huge concrete car park like everything in Florida it was very clean with all the grass green and well kept

We walked through the entrance doors into a huge well lit indeed very pleasant supermarket building nothing like our overcrowded shops.

First thing I noticed was the fruit and vegetables not just the fact that everything looked so fresh , this looked like it had been just picked and what a selection

The salad even had water mist sprinklers to keep the salad produce fresh and moist something that has recently appeared in the UK supermarkets some 15 years later, the fruit and veg in Publix is always superb it makes eating healthy so very enjoyable

So a bag of mixed Salad leaves, local grown tomato’s, sweet onions that are so very tasty and a few other choice salad items we move on time to choose a dressing for the salad and oh my goodness I have never ever seen so many different choices in dressing not only that but choices in brands in each dressing you are sure spoilt for choice

This choice is one of the things you will notice time and time again in your Supermarket shopping experience in Florida more about that and Publics in Part Two.

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