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Best Buys in Orlando - Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Shopping

One of the great things about a trip to Orlando, apart from the theme parks, is the shopping. With Britain deep in recession and more cut backs to come, if you are lucky enough to be able to go to Orlando you will be able to make great savings on so many things from luxuries to everyday purchases.

Owners like us who have to go every year to keep our villa in top shape, and of course to enjoy our little piece of heaven, usually buy a lot of our household goods for our homes back in the UK as well.

Stores like, Macy’s, J. C. Penny and Bed, Bath and Beyond, have a wonderful array of household goods at prices we can only dream of in the UK. Top quality sheets, comforters, curtains, blinds and towels are so much cheaper for really good quality and even Walmart have many goods of a fairly good standard at very low prices compared to ours back home. Walmart are very good for kitchen linens, tea towels, rugs and mats. I have not bought any linens or towels for my home in the UK since buying a villa in Florida.

In the way of clothing an example of the saving is, Lee Jeans at J. C. Penny for about £12 depending on the exchange rate. Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans are only about £8. These are good quality designer brands and well worth trying.

As an about- to -be new Grandmother, I was amazed at the cost of Baby Clothes at Carters Baby Stores. There is one at Premium Outlets, Buena Vista and many other stores, including Babies R Us, stock them as well. I bought baby grows for around £4 each, vest suites for around £2 and furry teddy suites with hoods with ears and feet with paws (gorgeous) for around £8. I didn’t buy anything that cost more than $14. I even offered to bring a pram or push chair back for my daughter as they are about half the price of the ones in England. She had already bought her pram but she is planning on coming with me next year to buy a pushchair and LOTS of baby clothes

Nearly all clothing and accessories are cheaper and even the big brand names like, Burberry, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Louis Vuitton are very much cheaper in the factory outlets in Orlando.

Do remember though that you always have to add 6. 5% or 7% tax to the printed price, but even allowing for this (remember our tax is now 20%) the prices are still very low.

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