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A teen’s vital tips for a long plane ride to Florida - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Travelling

1. Layers

One thing I learned while traveling from wet, damp Scotland in the slushy winter to sunny, beautiful Florida is if you don’t make sure you can go from cozy warm to tropical cool in a second you will be uncomfortable. Wear sweatpants or other trousers you can roll up. Yoga pants are also a good option as you can be cool and warm in them. In general just stay away from jeans. On top wear a tee, tank or cami with a sweater on top. It’s okay to forgo fashion, I mean you’re going on a plane.

2. A Good Book

To the kids of today’s technology: an Apple a day does not keep boredom at bay. I cannot stress this enough, bringing a non electronic book may seem like a small thing but it will make all the difference. There will be times on the plane when you will have to switch electronics off. Also I guarantee you, you will get tired of endless rounds of Angry Birds. Also if you are like me and enjoy reading and you tend to quickly finish books, bring several books or one long one. I also like to pick up a magazine at the airport to read on the plane but that’s just really because when I was younger we always got magazines in airports partly to keep me and my brothers occupied during long wait times and partially to shut us up as something new to look forward to distracted us long enough to get on the next plane!

3. Portable music device (iPod/Mp3)

Top five things to tune out on a plane:

a. Annoying passengers
b. Family
c. Babies crying
d. Plane noises
e. Life.

On a plane your iPod will become your new best friend. Some other examples of noises you may want to tune out are noisy eaters, screaming kids, that weird airplane static-y thing-y noise, and let’s not forget (lets hear a slow clap for) endless round “Are we there yet? ? ? ”. You will also want your headphones to watch the in flight movies, as nowadays you often have to fork over money to buy head phones. You may say now “oh, I don’t want to watch movies on the plane” but trust me on this one (in the same way that you should trust me that sledging into a cold lake in sub zero temperatures is a bad idea) you will want to watch the movies after everyone around you starts watching them.

4. (For girls)Hair elastics

You can always tell an amateur traveler by the way the hair is worn. An amateur will not be wearing a hair elastic, (unless her hair is really short- short haired gals, you can skip this) her hair will be sticking up every which way and she will like likely be tugging at it. Airplanes wreak havoc on nice smooth hair. A handy hairbrush and a lot of elastics will be your best friends. I mean who wants to arrive at a nice, holiday destination looking like they’ve been dragged through a bush? I find the best style to wear is a braid or bun.

Happy flights!

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