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What's Included - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ (Domestic Customers Only)

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No, this is only required if you have no travel insurance (which is very unwise!). This is the only insurance not included in our rates since most customers have travel insurance that includes personal cover.

If you do not have travel insurance then you can opt to purchase Personal Protection cover when you collect the car. This option will be clearly stated on the paperwork you complete with the rental company, and the associated costs will be listed. Typically, personal insurance is around $5 - $10 per day.

Free 24 hour roadside assistance is included with all car types.  There are some exceptions to the cover where you will be expected to pay the call-out and repair costs as follows:

  • Running out of fuel
  • Locking yourself out of the car
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Tyre Replacement
  • Key Replacement
  • Flat Battery

You can pre-pay coverage for these items for $2.50 per day by purchasing enhanced roadside assistance at http://www.EnhancedRoadsideAssistance.com or ordering at the time of booking your car.

In line with all rental companies, none of the rental companies cover the following items, so you would need to cover these costs yourself:

  • Flat Battery
  • Damage caused by putting the wrong fuel type in the car (e.g. putting diesel in a petrol car)
  • Broken Windows
  • Tyre replacement (e.g. hitting a curb. Covered if worn)
  • Key replacement if you loose the key
  • Roadside assistance if you lock yourself out of the car
  • Damage to underside of vehicle if you are found to be driving 'off-road' which is not permitted
  • Damage to the roof of the car if you place goods on the roof
  • Damage to the interior (caused by spilling drinks, cigarette burns in seats etc)

You can pre-pay for coverage for many of these issues for $2.50 per day at http://www.EnhancedRoadsideAssistance.com

All the contracts we have allow unlimited mileage at no extra cost. The only exception is if you hire a car with collection in Canada, then drive over the border in to the USA, there is a daily limit of 200km per day whilst driving the Canadian car in the USA.