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Vouchers - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ

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You must take your voucher (that we will send you once we have received your full payment) and a valid driving license (plus photo ID e.g. passport) for each person that will be driving. Dollar and Thrifty require to see your passport on collection of the car.

Don't panic! But you will be required to pay Dollar, Alamo or National (as appropriate) the full price for your car hire when you collect the car (this is considerably more than the price we charge!). Then explain to the rental company that you do have a pre-paid voucher that you have lost / forgotten. You will need to note your Rental Agreement Number, and contact us as soon as you can on info@uscarhire.co.uk giving the above information. We will then send your voucher to the rental company and when you return your vehicle they will refund the extra cost that you have paid them. Note, it is very important in this instance that you do not take a car in a higher category than booked.

Note, with Alamo and National, your voucher is not actually required but you would be required to know the Alamo confirmation number (that is printed on your voucher).

Sometimes, if your booking is within 2 days of a full week then your rental is rounded up to the next whole week. So 5 or 6 days may be rounded to 7 days, 12 and 13 days rounded to 14 days etc. As the price is the same for the number of days, this means you have a bit more flexibility with the return date. There is no penalty for returning the car back earlier than stated on your voucher.

With Thrifty in the USA, the minimum rental on the Gold option is 7 days, so any duration less than this will be rounded up to 7 days.

The voucher issued has a standard set of terms and conditions that can be used for rentals from any country world-wide. In some parts of Europe, drivers are required to declare points or endorsements on their license. For rentals in the USA and Canada, you do not have to have a clean license, nor do you need to inform us of any points or endorsements on your license.

Once your voucher has been emailed to you, it is very important you check all the information including your name, car type, dates and times and collection and drop-off points.

If any information is not accurate, please notify us as soon as possible so our supplier can correct this for you.

You must print your voucher to take with you on collection of the car.

On your voucher is may state in the terms and conditions that Insurance Excess Waiver can be purchased for an extra fee. The vouchers are standard and used in many world wide regions. In North America, Insurance Excess Waiver is included in the rental rate, so you have already purchased this.

We deal with several suppliers, who all have their own names for the 'Silver' and 'Gold' options. To simplify things we refer to the 2 options as Silver and  Gold, but on your voucher you may see different names.

When you book a car, this is booked by category. As we work with several suppliers that each have varying names for their car categories, the category names we use may occasionally differ to those used by a particular rental company.

For example, our 7 Seater Minivan might be referred to as a Standard Minivan by one supplier, a Luxury Minivan by another supplier and Premium MPV by another supplier. On your voucher the category is usually stated using the category name and code as used by the supplier.