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Hire Types - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ

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Both options include ALL tax and ALL insurance. There are no extras to pay. Silver Inclusive includes 1 or 2 drivers (depending on which rental company you choose when you book with us) whereas as Gold Inclusive allows unlimited drivers with Dollar and up to a maximum of 4 drivers with Alamo.

Fuel Policy

Silver Option

Dollar: Collect with a full tank and return with a full tank. If you do not return completely full Dollar will charge you for a full tank plus tax, at a rate up to around 2 times the current pump price. Dollar now offer the ''''refueling option'''' where they will fill-up, at pump prices, so you would take back empty.

Alamo and National: Collect with a full tank and return full to avoid refueling charges. If you prefer to return empty you may do so (let the agent know when you collect the car). You will then be charged a full tank of gas on return of the car (plus tax). It is generally more cost effective to return full.

When returning full, please keep a copy of your re-fill receipt, and ensure you fill the tank to its absolute maximum.

Gold Option

Dollar, Thrifty, Alamo and National:
Collect with a full tank and return empty. You will not be charged for the tank of fuel as this is included in the price. In New York only, Alamo and National Gold option does not include the cost of the initial tank of fuel.

This can vary depending on the size of car, and the current national average cost of fuel on the day. Dollar charge quite a lot more for the tank of fuel compared to if you were to fill up at a gas station yourself (likely to be around double the pump price or more in some cases). The number of gallons charged is based on the manufacturers stated tank size. As a general rule, we recommend you book the Gold option if you are to be renting for less than 2 weeks, even if you do not need the additional drivers. Although the Gold option is a higher up-front cost than the Silver, you will normally save overall by not having to pay the rental company for the tank of fuel.

Note: From 1st April 2012, the Silver option with Alamo and National allows you to return the car with a full tank thus avoiding the fuel charge.
The ''Silver Basic Inclusive'' option is for 1 driver only *, and the ''Silver Inclusive'' option includes 1 additional driver, so 2 drivers in total.

*If your booking is with Alamo, your spouse / domestic partner is included as an additional driver, free of charge. The spouse / domestic partner is not required to be present or show their license on collection of the car. They are required to carry their valid license with them at all times when driving the vehicle.