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Calling all nervous drivers - rent a car, take the wheel and take control of your holiday.

One of my most confident and most assertive girlfriends surprised me last week during lunch time discussions. We were having a get-together celebrating one of our birthdays with lunch and lots of cake!

There were about ten of us in total and we were talking about holidays and where we wanted to go and explore in the next couple of years. As I said, my friend, who is usually so self-assured, declared that she felt that she could not contemplate a villa holiday although she would dearly love to. Why? She did not want to drive in Florida or anywhere else in America for that matter. I almost choked on my cheesecake! Driving in the USA is great, much easier that the UK I would say, so I thought I would detail the reasons why I think that to be the case. In no particular order here they are:

  1. Rental cars, minivans and SUVs (4x4s) are all automatic they practically drive themselves.
  2. Rental cars are the latest models with up to the minute safety features and mod cons.
  3. Sat Nav hire means stress free driving.
  4. Parking spaces are very generously proportioned even for the largest rental vehicle.
  5. No parallel parking or reversing into spaces skills required.
  6. Drivers seem far more courteous in the United States than they do in the UK.
  7. Petrol (gas) prices are much lower and gas tanks larger so you hardly ever need to visit the gas station.
  8. A rental car means freedom to travel at your own pace visiting places of your choosing not simply the excursions laid on by the tour operator.
  9. Car boots (trunks) are usually very accommodating to lots of shopping!
  10. In most States, US citizens are allowed to drive at the age of 16, so just how hard can driving be!

To all those people out there who are at all nervous about driving in the USA please stop worrying it is fun and gratifying and you will get so much more out of your vacation if you book yourself a rental car.

I recall a few years ago driving passed a used car lot (car dealership) where an advertising hoarding read. "Life sucks without a car" and this adage is definitely true in the USA with perhaps the exception of Manhattan where there is the subway and a never ending supply of yellow taxis.

Book a rental car, take the wheel and take control of your holiday.